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Trading with Other Sellers

Trading or bartering is the act of exchanging goods for goods (instead of goods for money).

Etsy doesn't support trading, but we also do not prohibit it. In theory, it is just an alternative method of payment.

Etsy does not have any formal rules for trading in our marketplace, but we do have some basic guidelines to help.

Guidelines for trading

  • Offer Other as a payment method so a buyer can purchase from you without submitting payment during Checkout.

  • Understand the additional risks for the sellers involved in the trade. Since neither seller can wait to receive payment before shipping the item, there is an increased risk of non-payment and non-delivery. For these reasons, Etsy cannot mediate a dispute that arises due to a trade. If both sellers are willing to accept the inherent risks, then we wish you happy trading.

  • Both sellers need to agree to the trade by conversation, email, or other communication before the transactions occur, so there is no confusion about the method of payment.

  • Keep the items listed at their full value so that no Etsy fees are avoided. Remember: you are still receiving payment for your item; it just happens to be in the form of another item instead of money.
    Be sure you and the other seller check out the items via Etsy's Checkout so there is record of the transactions.

  • No seller is obligated to participate in trading, and each seller determines their own acceptable payment methods for their shop. If you receive a trade request and you are not interested, you're welcome to politely decline the offer.

As a seller, if you are open to trade offers with other sellers, it's a good idea to put this information in your shop announcement or on your shop policies page. 

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