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Etsy Manufacturing: Help Center for Manufacturers

Etsy Manufacturing is where designers can find small-batch, transparent manufacturers to help them start, grow, and sustain their creative businesses. This article provides resources for manufacturers that are part of Etsy Manufacturing.

Over the years, we've heard from sellers that they need help meeting growing demand and exploring new product lines. We've heard from other sellers that certain processes require specialized tooling that they might not have. A common thread between these sellers is the difficulty they face finding values aligned production partners to meet their needs. Our mission is to remove those production barriers.

Not every Etsy seller wants or needs production help, but for those that do, they want to build meaningful relationships with partners who share their values.

With Etsy Manufacturing, we want to help designers and manufacturers forge responsible partnerships. It's all part of our vision for an Etsy economy.

Through Etsy, creative entrepreneurs can find meaningful work and reach both global and local markets for their goods. Thoughtful consumers can discover and buy unique goods and build relationships with the people who sell them.

Be sure to check out Etsy's Manufacturing policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries does Etsy Manufacturing support?

Etsy Manufacturing includes manufacturers in the following industries:

  • printing

  • apparel and textile

  • machining and fabrication

  • jewelry and metalsmithing.

We plan to add additional industries in the future.

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How will Etsy designers contact me?

Etsy designers can contact manufacturers through our Projects tool, which you can view either in your Conversations or your Projects page.

Projects submitted to you will include detailed information to help you evaluate the request, such as: product details and photos, quantity and target cost, target in-hand date, and details about which parts of the production process the designer needs assistance with.

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Will it cost any money to participate?

There is no cost for manufacturers. These services may have associated fees in the future.

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Can existing sellers on Etsy sign up to be manufacturers?

Yes, Etsy welcomes existing sellers on Etsy with extra production capacity to sign up as manufacturers.

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How does this relate to the Etsy Seller Policy for manufacturing?

All Etsy sellers who work with manufacturers (also referred to as production partners)—including manufacturers found on Etsy Manufacturing—need to disclose the production partners they work with on each applicable listing. You can find more information here and learn more about our Handmade Policy here.

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What makes a manufacturer a good fit for Etsy Manufacturing?

Etsy Manufacturing is looking for manufacturers who are excited to create lasting partnerships with growing independent designers, have flexible minimums, produce items in house, and enjoy sharing their company story and information about their processes with their community.

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What do Etsy sellers look for in a manufacturer?

Based on research done in 2014, Etsy sellers are looking to build positive relationships with their manufacturers and consider trustworthiness to be the most important factor in a successful partnership. Many Etsy sellers also value working with a manufacturer in their own country and finding a partner with whom they can communicate easily through email. Find the full report on the study here.

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How do I access my manufacturer profile?

To access your Manufacturer profile, go to Shop Manager > Manufacturing. There you'll find other links to different parts of your profile.

Note: Depending on where you are in finishing your Manufacturing profile, the links available to you can be different.

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How do I scale my manufacturing profile photos to meet size requirements?

Each photo on your profile must meet a specific size requirement as noted in the help text next to that photo. You can resize your images in any photo editing software. You can also crop your photos directly in the browser after you upload them.

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Are people outside of Etsy able to see my profile?

Yes. You can share your profile with anyone. Designers can search for you and anyone with the link will be able to see your page; we encourage you to share it!

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How should I classify my business if I offer more than one type of service?

Some businesses, like cut and sew facilities that also offer screen printing, may fall into more than one industry. In these instances, we encourage you to set up your profile under the industry that best describes the majority of the production work you can offer to Etsy designers. You’re welcome to list any additional information in the Your Story section of your profile.

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What if I have more than one production facility?

This kind of information is great to share with Etsy designers, many of whom value local partnerships! Feel free to set up your profile under the location of your flagship production facility and add information about additional facilities under the Your Story section of your profile.

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What do I do if I need assistance with an Etsy designer?

We ask manufacturers and Etsy designers to work together to resolve any issues before contacting Etsy. If assistance is still needed, feel free to email us at

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I have another question that I don’t see answered here.

Contact us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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