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Spam Conversation

Conversations that may be suspicious go into your Spam folder.

You can access messages filtered to your Spam folder by going to You > Conversations and clicking Spam on the left.

Mark a conversation as spam

To mark a conversation in your inbox as spam, select the message and click More > Report spam.

Marking it will send the conversation to your Spam folder. This action also sends a report to Etsy so we can improve our filters.

Conversations in your Spam folder will remain there unless you delete them manually.

Remove a conversation from spam folder

Select the message and click Not spam.

Clicking Not spam moves the selected message into your general inbox. From there, you can move it to another folder.

You can't move a conversation directly from Spam to one of your folders.

Spam Conversation notifications

You'll still receive a Conversation notification for messages that are sent to your Spam folder.

The notification will say "Etsy deemed this conversation suspicious and moved it to your Spam folder." In the notification, you can click to go directly to your Spam folder to view the message.

We recommend you review your Spam folder periodically for messages that aren't spam.

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