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Listing Variations

You can use Listing Variations to offer different options within the same listing (for example: different sizes and colors for a dress).

If one of your variations affects the price of an item (like a larger size being more expensive), you can add pricing to your first variation.

A buyer will need to choose from your options while purchasing your item.

Note: Listing Variations are not currently supported for digital item listings.

Add Variations to a Listing

Enter your variations while creating or editing a listing. On the List an item or Edit Listing page, first choose a property below Variations. You'll be able to choose up to two properties for each item:

  • Color
  • Device
  • Dimensions
  • Diameter
  • Fabric
  • Finish
  • Flavor
  • Height
  • Length
  • Material
  • Pattern
  • Scent
  • Size
  • Style
  • Weight
  • Width

If you don't see the property you want, you can add your own property.

For measurement properties, you'll need to choose a sizing scale. For instance, if your property is length, choose from inches, centimeters, or other. Then, enter the options you offer.

If you sell clothing and you add Size as a property, choose a recipient and sizing scale.

For properties without suggested options, or properties you have added yourself, you can provide your own options.

Change the order of your options by clicking on an option and dragging it.

The first variation you list can have pricing. For options which affect an item's price, be sure to add this variation first. You can then add options which do not affect price as your second variation. For example, if you list a print which is priced by size, first add the sizes you offer. Then add the price for each print size.

To add pricing for a variation:

1) First, select a property, like size, for your first variation.

2) Select your options.

3) Click Add pricing and add the price for each option.

Note: The price you set for each option is the total price for each version of the item, not an additional cost.

The Price section near the bottom of the listing page will reflect that you have set your price by variation. You can turn off pricing by variation to set a general price.

Each variation will be listed as In Stock by default. The In Stock box can be unchecked later if a specific variation runs out of stock. This can be done by editing a listing from your Listing Manager and unchecking the In Stock box next to the sold out variation in the Variations box.

Add Variations to Multiple Listings

To add Listing Variations to multiple listings at once, use the Bulk Edit Listing Variations feature under Your shop > Quick links > Listings Manager. Select the items you’d like to apply Listing Variations to and click More Actions > Variations.

When you use the bulk editor to change information on listings, it will override the previous information on the listings, including the category and variation. If you have listings which require the same variation but belong in different categories or have different recipients, be sure to edit these in separate groups within the bulk editor.

Additional Information

  • When a buyer purchases from you, you'll see the variations they selected in your Sold Orders, receipts, and transaction notification emails.

  • If a buyer happened to add your item to their cart before you added variations to the item, they won't be prompted to select your options when they check out.

  • The system doesn't look at your variations when finding Search results.
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