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How Team Forums Are Moderated

Teams is a community feature on Etsy where you can connect with other members. Each team has its own discussion forum. Learn more about Teams.

Team forums are moderated by the team's captain and appointed leaders. These guidelines are for team captains and leaders to use as a resource when moderating their forums. 

  • Moderators exist to facilitate good discussion and to put a graceful end to any community policy violations.

  • Moderators help to grow and support their communities.

When a captain or leader visits their team's discussion forum, they see a number of moderation options only available to captains and leaders:

  • Delete post

  • Highlight

  • Pin Thread

  • close topic

Everyone has the ability to report a post. If someone flags a post in a team's forum, an email will automatically be sent to the captain prompting him or her to look into the situation and take care of it as soon as possible. It is the job of moderators to respond to these reports and stay on top of team discussions.

Tips for moderating

Make sure that you and your team members follow policy. This includes both the Etsy Community Policy (Teams and Forums alike) and any additional policies defined by the team's captain.

Encourage what's good, but share the love. One of the best and most positive ways to demonstrate the kind of discussions you'd like to see in your Forum is to cheer it on as it happens. Be sure to encourage good work from those who do it.

Being respectful means never using shame as a tool. It's never appropriate to shame another member by pointing out how they violated policy when posting to a thread. Focus on the policy, not the person who broke it.

Empathize, empathize, empathize. Everyone has a reason for what they say and how they say it. The sooner you can understand what those are, the sooner you can determine what that thread needs from you.

Be kind and be clear. Online communication lacks the context of body language and voice variance we are used to for in person communication. To ensure that you're understood, it's worth making the effort to be clear and gentle with your words.

Be careful with humor. Everyone's sense of humor is a little bit different, and what's funny to you may confuse or even potentially insult someone else.

Act as quickly as you reasonably can. This can help to mitigate potential disputes or to make sure that your input is taken into consideration during important discussions.

Be patient, and don't lose your cool. If you get upset and you feel that you need to take a few minutes to calm down, do that first. 

Consider some extra help. Depending on the size of your team and the number of discussions that happen on a daily basis, you might want to name a couple of leaders to help you moderate your forum.

Ultimately, if you have a problem moderating your team's forum, we are here to help! In the case of an extreme situation that you have already done everything in your power to diffuse, contact Etsy Admin by emailing

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