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Teams Fellowship Program

The Etsy Teams Fellowship Program provides Etsy teams with curated packages to help boost motivation, visibility, and peer-to-peer learning. 

Fellowship packages provide education and resources using the following:    

  • Educational workshops
  • Team-produced pop-up shops or craft shows
  • Direction and feedback for online promotional campaigns
  • Leadership and community management skill development

Application process

Applications are currently closed.

How to apply: When the application process reopens, captains or leaders can access the application from this page. In the meantime, join our Captains Quarters Team for more information about upcoming fellowship offerings and other education.

When to apply: Etsy Teams Fellowship applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis each year.

Your team may apply once every three months.

Next steps: We select teams by reviewing every application. We'll communicate with our chosen fellows a few weeks after each application deadline.

What kind of teams are eligible?

Teams at any level can apply for the program. We understand that if your team is just getting started, you may need assistance getting organized. If you’re a more advanced team, you may need higher level coaching and resources. Whether you’re developing your first or 100th project, we encourage you to apply. 

How are applications reviewed?

Each quarter, we review applications and choose teams to support according to a set of criteria. Here are some of the questions we may ask when reviewing applications:

  • Is the applying leader an upstanding member of the Etsy community?    
  • How will this project help members develop their individual businesses or team mission?
  • How long has this team been around? How many members does it have, and how actively does this group participate on Etsy? - - Is this a committed team?

After you receive support, you will be required to give feedback on how you use your package, the program's successes, and relevant statistics. And of course, we’d love to hear your comments!  We’ll send each accepted applicant a feedback survey at the end of the quarter.

We’d like to encourage the Etsy community to learn from and be inspired by your experience. We look forward to sharing examples of successful group projects.

What if I don’t receive the fellowship I applied for?

Every team that applies, accepted or not, will receive an email that contains helpful educational resources. We encourage you to reapply in a later quarter if you don’t receive a fellowship package. Email if you have questions about your application.

Etsy Team affiliation guidelines

We love the collaborative relationship we have with our community. However, this dynamic can sometimes be confusing to the general public. When promoting or planning your team's activities or events, make sure that you explicitly clarify that you are not officially employed by Etsy. 

Your advertisements must comply with Etsy's trademark rules and regulations. To learn more, take a look at Etsy's Trademark Guidelines in advance. 

You can also refer to this Seller Handbook article on how to brand your event. If you have questions, please email us at

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