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Etsy Manufacturing

Etsy Manufacturing is where designers can find small-batch, transparent production partners to help them start, grow, and sustain their creative businesses. A manufacturer, or production partner, is anyone (who’s not a part of your Etsy shop) who helps you physically produce your items.

Etsy designers can enter specific search criteria, required production capabilities, and location preferences to find production partners who meet their production needs.

There is no cost for designers to search for production partners or to submit a Project.

Etsy designers based anywhere are welcome to search for and reach out to production partners.

For now, Etsy Manufacturing includes manufacturers within the US and Canada.

If you’re new to working with a production partner, you may want to visit this guide to learn more about manufacturing.

Over the years, we've heard from sellers that they need help meeting growing demand and exploring new product lines. We've heard from other sellers that certain processes require specialized tooling that they might not have. A common thread between these sellers is the difficulty they face finding values-aligned production partners to meet their needs. Our mission is to remove those production barriers.

Not every Etsy seller wants or needs production help, but for those that do, they want to build meaningful relationships with partners who share their values.

How it works

To begin your search, go to the Etsy Manufacturing page. Next, select an industry:

  • Printing

  • Apparel and textile

  • Machining and fabrication

  • Jewelry and metalsmithing

On the next page, select the process, specific materials, and products you’re looking for based on the category you selected. You also have the option to set a location preference.

Once you submit your requirements, we’ll show you a list of the production partners who meet your criteria, with the most relevant matches listed first. This is your gateway to exploring potential production partners—click on a business to learn more about their work, history, capabilities, and policies. Use the sidebar on the left of the search results to change any of the search settings you selected.

How to select and contact a production partner

There are several factors to keep in mind when looking for a partner that’s a great fit for you and your business. Read about them here.

When you’re ready to reach out to a potential partner, select Contact manufacturer on the top right of their profile to create a project. When you fill out a project, you’ll follow the steps below:

1.) Confirm whether you’ve made this product before. (If yes, you’ll have the option to connect an existing listing to the project to help you complete the Project form.)

2.) Fill in a Project title and a Project description.

3.) Attach at least one photo or sketch so the production partner has an idea of what they’ll be helping you create. We currently support .PDF, .PNG, and .JPG file types as attachments. For the best response, you may also provide links to important supporting documentation, like patterns or computer-aided drafting (CAD) files, key measurements, detailed material information, etc.

4.) Select what process, materials, or products apply to your project, how many you need, your budget per item, and the date you’ll need them by.

You’ll have the option to include a note to the production partner, and once you’re done, you can submit your project or save it if you want to add more information or photos later.

Your new project will appear in your Projects page along with any previous projects you’ve created. You’ll be able to return to your Projects page at any time to view the status of your projects. Keep in mind that if you opt to Save for later, rather than submitting your project, your draft will be saved to your Projects page so you can access it again when you’re ready.

Next time you’d like to contact a production partner, if you’re inquiring about the same project, you can select that project to pre-populate all the information and content you’ve already input.

Production partner recommendations

Production partners on Etsy have the option of requesting recommendations from Etsy sellers they’ve worked with in the past. Recommendations approved by a production partner will show up on the production partner’s profile page on Etsy Manufacturing. You can review these recommendations to learn about other sellers’ experiences working with that business.

If you partner with a production partner from Etsy Manufacturing, you may be asked to write a recommendation after your work is completed. You are not obligated to leave a recommendation, but if you do, the production partner will have the option of publishing it to their profile. You also have the option to make your recommendation anonymous.

More information

Learn more about Etsy Manufacturing in our blog post, and our Etsy Manufacturing launch announcement.

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