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Creating a Team

Teams is a community feature on Etsy where you can connect with other members. Any Etsy member who is at least 18 years old can start a team.  

Starting a team automatically makes you the captain. We want you your teammates to have a rewarding experience, so think about the parameters and purpose of your team. For instance, it could be just for fun or it could be devoted to a serious marketing goal. To learn more about being a team captain, take a look at this Help article.

Getting started

Sign in to Etsy and click Teams under Join the community at the bottom of most Etsy pages. Click Create a Team.

Enter as much information as possible about your team at this stage. You can edit your team's profile at any time.

Set the basics.

Name: Choose a creative and catchy name that will make your team stand out. We recommend that you do a quick search before selecting a name, just to make sure that a very similarly-titled team doesn't already exist. Make sure your name isn’t trademarked by another individual or company, or otherwise in conflict with Etsy's policies.

Team type: Here you can decide if your team is location-based, and opt in or out of having your team appear on the public prototypes page.

Make announcements.

Use this space to write a message to your team members and keep them informed about important news and updates.

Write a description

Short Description: A brief explanation of your team is required. It will appear next to the logo image on the general Teams page and also under the logo on the team's profile page.

Long Description (Optional): This text will be visible on your team's homepage.

Set the rules

Who can join (Optional): Enter member restrictions or any information you require from people who want to join. If you're creating a moderated team, this is the place to indicate what you want prospective members to include in their application to join.

Team Access: Here, you can choose between three accessibility options:

  • Open: Anyone can join.
  • Moderated: Prospective members are required to apply and be approved.
  • Closed: Members won’t be able to apply or join without an invitation.

Please note that you can change your access settings at any time.

Gather information.

Application Questions (Optional): If your team requires any information from prospective members, include those application question(s) here. You may elect to require this from applicants by checking the box or make it a voluntary disclosure by leaving the box unchecked.

Choose a logo.

Your logo will appear on the general Teams page, as well as on your team's profile page. This image is 170 x 100 pixels.

Add tags.

Enter keywords that describe your team (for example: where your team is based, what art supplies you use, your intended audience, etc.). Relevant tags will help people find your team in searches.

Add related links.

Here you can link to other sites where your team has an online presence. Remember that you may not use Etsy to direct shoppers to another online selling venue. Be sure to keep Etsy's policies in mind when selecting which links to include.

If your team uses a team tag, consider using one of these slots to link to your team tag search results on Etsy.

Create team.

Save your team's information by clicking Create Team at the bottom of the page.

Welcome to your brand new Etsy team! Now it's time to spread the word, invite members, and make this place your home.

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