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Team Captains

Teams is a community feature on Etsy where you can connect with other members.

Every team on Etsy has only one captain. There are two ways to become a team captain:

  • If you're a member of a team that already has a captain, the current captain can decide to step down and transfer responsibilities to a new captain.

What Team Captains can do

  • Choose a team name

  • Write the description and charter

  • Select the membership style

  • Add related links and tags

  • Upload a logo image

  • Moderate the team discussion forum

  • Appoint other leaders to help run the team

  • Send Team alerts

As captain, you may edit the team when you first create it or after it's already set up.

Team captains can accept or deny applications (if your team's membership style is moderated) and remove members if they behave inappropriately or don't respect the team's charter.

Team discussion forums are moderated by the team's leadership, not Etsy Admin, so it is up to the captain to look over forum activity and respond to issues as quickly as possible. Look over the Team Forum Moderation Guidelines for tips and best practices.

Be sure that you've clearly spelled out your team's goals in your charter. That way your members can help the team actively achieve these goals. Depending on the nature of your team, being a captain might be a big responsibility.

You and your leaders may choose to invite members to your team directly from the team page. Click Invite on the left side column and invite people by entering their Etsy usernames or email addresses.

Teams may invite up to 100 new members per day, but there is no limit to how many members may apply and be accepted to a team per day if a team is open or moderated.

If your team’s membership style is closed, members may only join if you or your leaders invite them. Teams with open enrollment periods may choose to switch between closed and moderated or open membership styles.

As Captain, you can change your team’s membership style by clicking Edit this team on the lower left of your team’s homepage.

Changing your Team's name

Only the captain of a team can change a team's name by clicking Edit this team on the lower left of the team's page. 

You will be able to edit the name to whatever you would like, as long as it abides by Etsy's site policies. Editing the name will change the URL (web address) of your team's page, but don't worry: the old URL will forward to the new one.

Appointing Team Leaders

Only the captain of a team can appoint leaders. Find the profile picture of the person you want to be a leader and click Manage next to their picture. Then, click Promote to Leader. Simply repeat this process for each leader.

Deleting a Team

A team can be deleted by the captain only when he or she is the last remaining member. A team can't be deleted if there are still active members besides the captain.

To delete members, go to your team's page and select the Members view (below the Home link under your team's logo). Find each member you want to remove from the team. Then, click Manage and select Remove from Team.

Once you're the only member left, click Edit this team. At that point, you will be able to see a button that says Delete team.

Instead of deleting your team, you may want to pass the role of captain on to another member.

To do this, find the profile picture of the person you want to become the new captain and click Manage to the right of his or her picture. Then, click Promote to Captain. You will step down from being the captain, and the new captain will take control simultaneously.

Sending a Team alert

As a captain, you’ll see the option to send an alert to your team when posting a thread. When you check this option, Etsy will email the message from your thread to all members of your team who have subscribed to receive Team alerts.

Team alerts are a great way to summon team members to an important discussion or to post details about an upcoming event. To keep these alerts effective, we recommend sending them sparingly.

Tips for Team Captains

  • Stay on top of your team's activity and be prepared to step in and mediate, should disputes arise.

  • Delegate tasks to other leaders.

  • Set an example for your members.

  • Be aware that your responsibility as a captain is a reflection of the larger Etsy community.
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