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Team Forums

Teams is a community feature on Etsy where you can connect with other members.

Every team has its own discussion forum. Team Forums facilitate discussion and constructive communication within a team. For some teams it might be a lively discussion hub, for others, a place where announcements are posted every so often. 

Only team members can post in the team's forum. Whoever begins a thread sets whether that thread is public (any Etsy member can read it) or private (visible only to team members).

Team members are encouraged to sign up for team digest emails, which deliver daily reports of the group's latest discussion forum activity straight to your inbox.

Team captains and any appointed leaders are responsible for moderating the discussions, and they may remove content as appropriate.

Considerations when posting

Please consider Team Forums to be public spaces—even if your team's discussions are viewable only to members—and use common sense when sharing personal information.

Follow the Etsy Forums Guidelines when posting, and make sure that you are familiar with our Community Policy.

Above all, treat one another with respect. Remember that there is a real person behind each username.

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