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Policy Violations on Etsy

Etsy is an open marketplace comprised of millions of unique items sold by sellers around the world. All Etsy shops are subject to the same policies for what may be sold, which you can read about in our Seller Policy.

While Etsy has many procedures in place to quickly find and remove non-qualifying shops or listings, listings generally aren't reviewed before they go live on Etsy. This means that you may come across listings we haven't removed yet that do not meet our requirements.

It remains every seller’s responsibility to ensure that all of their items meet Etsy's Seller Policy. Seeing an item for sale on Etsy does not necessarily mean that it meets our policies.

If you see a listing which you believe violates Etsy’s policies, we encourage you to flag the item by using the Report this item to Etsy link at the bottom of each listing page. Doing so will create a confidential report. If Etsy determines that the listing doesn't comply with our Seller Policy, we will work with the seller privately to address any policy violations.

For more information on policy enforcement at Etsy, please see our 2016 Transparency Report.

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