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Applying Discounts to Items

Each seller on Etsy creates their own discounts for their shop. They might share a coupon code, or they might advertise a sale on particular listings.

  • If a seller shares a coupon code with you, you can automatically apply it to your account by clicking a link provided by the seller. You can also manually apply it to your purchase during checkout.

  • If a seller has items on sale, you’ll see the discounted price displayed across Etsy search results and on the shop’s homepage.

Viewing discounts in search

You can filter your search results by "Free shipping" and "On sale." Some listings may contain both types of discounts.

Adding coupon codes

To apply eligible coupons to your purchase:

1.) Add an item to your cart.

2.) If the coupon code isn’t already applied to your order, manually add it by clicking Apply shop coupon code. We’ll automatically update your cart total to reflect the discounted price.

3.) Submit your order.

If you’re using multi-shop checkout, you can apply multiple coupon codes to your order by entering them one at a time.

Note: Coupons for free shipping may not apply to all items in your cart. This is because coupon codes vary for each shop.

To see a summary of discounts applied to your order, go to You > Purchases and reviews.

Additional information

  • Some sellers may offer multiple discounts for the same item. You can apply a maximum of two discounts to an eligible item, but one of the promotions must be for free shipping.

  • If a shop is running multiple promotions at the time of your purchase, we'll automatically apply the best discount to your order.

  • Some sales may require you to purchase a minimum quantity or amount in order for the discount to apply to your purchase.

  • If you're having difficulty redeeming a coupon code, please contact the seller to make sure the code is still available. Learn how to contact a shop.
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