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Team Tags

Team tags are unique item tags designated by teams so that people can search Etsy directly for items made by people on a certain team.

Using your team tag

To be recognized officially as an Etsy Team tag, the tag must have the word "team" in it. It can be a separate word, or altogether as one word, but it must contain "team." "Team" can appear in the beginning, middle, or end of the tag.

  • Announce your team tag in your team's description, so that members know what tag to use, and non-members know what you have designated as your team's tag.

  • Do NOT use a team's tag unless you are sure you are a member of the team whose tag you wish to use.

  • Include the team tag on promotional items your team makes.

  • You may post links to a search for the tag on other sites, like your team's website, your personal blog, social networking sites, etc.

  • The best team tags are easy to remember, include the word "team," and are words or phrases that aren't currently used as tags for other items.

  • Make sure that your team tag is a unique term, and not one that might be used to describe something other than an affiliation with your specific team.

Misuse of team tags

If you see someone with a tag of your Etsy Team who is not a member of the team, don't jump to conclusions! Team tag misuse is often a misunderstanding. The seller using the tag incorrectly might not realize it's a team tag, or be unfamiliar with the Etsy Teams program.

  • Decide among your team who will be the go-to person for team tag interactions. It can be the captain, a leader, or another team member. The liaison should be a calm person and a polite communicator.

  • The team tag liaison should politely educate the seller in question about their use of the team tag.

  • Remember to assume that people generally mean well.

  • Use the opportunity to promote your team! Do mention how great your team is in the conversation and be courteous and positive.

  • If possible, invite the seller to become a member of your team. Or you may ask that the person remove the tag. Keep in mind that some members of Etsy do not speak English as a primary language, or they might not be aware of the Etsy Teams program.

Please note that Etsy will not mediate disputes regarding use of team tags on item listings.

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