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Reserving a Listing

You can reserve or set aside items in your shop at any time.  

How to Reserve a Public Listing

1.) Put “RESERVED for (buyer’s name)” at the beginning of the listing title and in the description.

  • Remember to be clear with your listing title. It's still possible for other buyers to purchase the item.

  • For privacy, some buyers don't like to have their username in the title of the listing. Ask your buyer what name they'd prefer you use. 

2.) Send the listing page's URL or link to the buyer.

3.) Upload a photo that clearly states the item is reserved. This can help designate it from your other listings.

If you’d like to create a private custom listing for your buyer, you can enable the custom request tool in your shop’s settings.

This will allow you to create a private custom listing directly from their request, which means other buyers won’t be able to purchase the item. 

Learn how to create custom listings.

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