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Find and Invite Friends

Use Find your Friends to follow your friends who are Etsy members and invite friends who aren't on Etsy yet.

Sign in and click here

Choose one of the service providers (Gmail or Yahoo Mail) and import your contacts. Etsy doesn't access or store your email account password.

We'll then show you the people you're connected to who are Etsy members. You'll then be able to follow them. You can also see your contacts who are not yet Etsy members. Click Invite them to join you to begin the invitation process.

When an invitee clicks the invitation to join, they'll be redirected to the registration page. If they already have an account, they'll be redirected to your profile to begin following you.

Once they become an Etsy member, you will automatically be connected -- they will be following you and you will be following them.

Invitations are currently limited to 20 invites per day.

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