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Marking Order as Shipped and Notifying a Buyer

To mark an order as shipped:

1) Go to Shop Manager > Orders.

2) In the tab for Open orders, you will see a list of your sales that have not yet been marked as shipped. On the right side of the order info, you'll see a Mark as Shipped button.

3) If you are a United States or Canada-based seller you will also have the option to print a shipping labelLearn more about Etsy Shipping Labels.

4) Click Mark as Shipped to indicate that the order has been shipped.

  • This will open a window where you may choose your Ship Date and add a personal note to your buyer. This is also where you have the option to add a tracking number and shipping provider for the package. These fields are optional except for the shipping provider when a tracking number is added.

You can choose to set a Ship Date up to two days in the future. We will not send a Shipping Notification to your buyer until the package’s Ship Date. Ship Dates are based on Eastern Time.

Note: You can also save up to 10 versions of your Note to Buyer. To do so, click the message bubble in the bottom right corner of the Note to Buyer field.

Entering your shipping provider

If you’ve included a tracking number for the package, in most cases, we will suggest a provider based on the number you entered. You will have the option to either select a different provider from the dropdown list or enter a different provider altogether by selecting Other from that list.

Etsy currently supports comprehensive tracking on-site for over 100 carriers worldwide. If you are using a carrier that Etsy does not support tracking for, the tracking number will link off to the carrier’s site, where available.

Learn more about tracking a package.

Shipping notification email

After you’ve entered all of your details, you can preview the email that will be sent to your buyer by clicking Preview email. 

You can also choose to receive a copy of the email at the time that it is sent to your buyer by checking the box marked Send me a copy of this email.

When you’re ready, click Submit. Your buyer will be notified by email that their order has shipped on the Ship Date, and they can track the order with the tracking number you provided. 

If you have set a Ship Date in the future, the buyer’s receipt will show the order as Shipping Soon along with the scheduled Ship Date until that day arrives.

Note: If you're based in the United States or Canada and purchase a shipping label for an order, the order will automatically be marked as shipped and a Shipping Notification with the tracking info will be automatically sent to your buyer on the label’s Ship Date.

You can edit the Note to Buyer on your label purchase page.

Once an order is marked as shipped, you can find it in your Completed Orders tab.

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