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Hiring Freelance Administrative Help

Hiring third-party freelance workers to help with some administrative tasks is allowed on Etsy. However, it's important to carefully consider both your account’s security and Etsy’s Seller Policy.

We strongly encourage you to disclose any help you receive in running your Etsy shop. You're required to disclose certain kinds of help on your About section.

  • If you have ongoing help with administrative or logistical aspects of running your shop, then you must disclose that person’s role in your About section.

  • If you have temporary or seasonal help with tasks such as shipping or data entry, disclosure is highly recommended but not required.

If you have in-house help making your items, you should disclose that help on your About section.

If you are using a production partner, you must disclose that in each applicable listing.

If you're unsure whether disclosure is required in your case, please reach out to Etsy Support by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Account Security

If you wish to hire remote help from an online or other freelance marketplace, we currently allow this as long as it complies with our Handmade and other seller policies.

However, since we do not recommend sharing passwords with anybody, Etsy does not encourage this type of arrangement and it is done at the risk of the seller. Be aware that anybody with your password can view any information in your account and make changes. Furthermore, it makes many of the security measures available to sellers such as Two-Factor Authentication impossible to use.

If you believe your account has been compromised, please read this Help article for further instructions.

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