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Flag a Review or Review Response for Policy Violation

Note: The time period buyers will have to open a case or leave a review will be changing soon. For more information, please review this article.

You can flag a review, a photograph within a review, or a review response for removal for the following reasons:

  • It violates your privacy.

  • It is obscene, racist, or harassing.

  • It contains advertising or spam.

  • The review is about Etsy or a third party.

If a review or review response is in violation of Etsy's rules, we may remove it.

Etsy does not investigate the validity of opinions or statements made in reviews. Etsy also does not mediate review disputes.


Note that the ability to flag a review expires 60 days after the review was left or last edited.

To flag a review, go to Shop Manager > click your shop name under Sales Channels and click Reviews or scroll down to your Reviews section. Once there:

1.) Find the review and click Report this review.

2.) Select the appropriate violation and provide any additional information.

3.) Click Submit Report.


To flag a review response, go to You > Purchases and reviews. Once there:

1.) Find the review and click Read the shop's response.

2.) Click Report Response and add any relevant information.

3.) Click Submit Report.

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