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Reprint or Repurchase a USPS Shipping Label

You can download and print a shipping label as often as necessary, but only up to the Ship Date.

Reprint a label without changes

If you need to reprint a label that doesn't require any changes:

1) Go to Shop Manager > Orders.

2) Click the order receipt.

3) Scroll down and click Download Shipping Label.

You may also print all of the shipping labels you have purchased in a day:

1) Go to Shop Manager > Orders > View shipping labels > Purchased labels > Summary.

2) Click the gear icon next to today’s date.

3) Select Download Labels.

If you have trouble viewing or printing your label, review this Help article on printing labels.

Reprint a label with changes

To reprint a label that needs to be changed or updated, cancel the incorrect label first by requesting a refund.

After you submit your refund request, a Print New Shipping Label link will appear.

First, click the link to re-enter your label specifications and purchase a new label.

Then, when you select Confirm and Buy, you will be able to send a new shipping notification to your buyer with an updated message and tracking number.

If you have set a Ship Date for a day in the future, the shipping notification will be sent on that date.

  Learn more about buying the right postage for your orders.

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