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Add Shipsurance Parcel Insurance to FedEx Shipping Labels on Etsy

When you purchase a FedEx Shipping Label on Etsy, you have the option to add shipping insurance for up to $5,000 USD.

Who is the insurer?

Parcel insurance for FedEx Shipping Labels on Etsy is provided by Shipsurance Insurance Services, Inc. For important details on insurance rules, requirements, and restrictions, please visit here.

What are the rates?

Rates are the same for both US domestic and international shipments:

  • $0.80 per $100 of order value
  • $0.80 for each additional $100 or a fraction thereof over $100 of coverage

What can’t be insured?

The following is an exhaustive list of items that cannot be insured: Accounts, bills, currency, cash in transit, evidence of debt, checks, money orders, COD payments, coins (collectible coins are not excluded), securities and other negotiable papers, tickets, deeds, notes, gift cards, manuscripts, documents, neon items, hazardous material (per UPS Hazardous Materials List), televisions, computer monitors, or similar (including LCD, plasma, CRT, projection, LED, and similar), perishable cargo or similar property, eggs, any stone or ceramic slabs, automobiles, motorcycles, live animals, flowers, plants, seeds, cigarettes/cigars, cotton, guns (guns more than 100 years old are not excluded), tobacco, windows, plate glass (glass panels), stained glass, float glass (glass panels).

Insurance is not available for packages being shipped to: Afghanistan, Angola, Brazil, Bolivia, Burma, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire), Liberia, Mexico (Truck/rail shipments to and within other than as a connecting conveyance), Nigeria, North Korea, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela.

Additionally, coverage is not available to any location that would be in violation of any US economic or trade sanctions including OFAC Restricted Countries. For shipments to Russian and other Commonwealth of Independent States countries (includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan) coverage ceases upon touchdown of the aircraft at the airport of destination or upon discharge from the overseas vessel at the destination discharge port.

For additional insurance details, visit here.

Please see the FedEx Service Guide for details on items that are prohibited by FedEx.

Where do I buy it?

The option to include insurance is located just above the signature confirmation checkbox on your label purchase page. Learn more about how to purchase a FedEx Shipping Label.

Note: Make sure to include both the cost of shipping and the value of the package contents in the total insured value.

The cost of your insurance, as well as any additional shipping fees, is included in the itemized list on your label purchase page. After purchasing insurance for a label, the cost of insurance will appear separately on your Etsy bill as “Shipsurance Parcel Insurance” and will include the shipping label number.

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