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Adding Etsy Checkout to Your Personal Website

You can sell directly from your Etsy shop on certain third-party sites and apps. These third-party services allow you incorporate your Etsy shop into a personal site, while keeping the checkout process safely on Etsy. 

Note: Pattern by Etsy also enables you to sell your Etsy listings on a personal website, with buyers able to check out through Etsy. Click here to learn more.

The steps involved in connecting your Etsy shop to your site will be different depending on which platform or hosting service you’re using.


Virb is a third-party hosting service that allows users to build their own websites.

After creating your Virb site and connecting it to your Etsy shop, all purchases made through the Virb site will function as if they were made on Etsy.

Every sale made through your personal site will be reflected in your Etsy shop’s sold orders and in your Stats.

You can find out more about how to connect your Virb site to your Etsy shop here. For general questions about Virb, go here:


CraftLaunch is another hosting service that allows checkout through Etsy.

For a more detailed explanation of how Guest Cart integration in the API works, check out this Help article.

Your Stats on Etsy

All sales made through Guest Cart integration in the API will be reflected in your Stats. 

Checkout and security

All purchases on your site will be directed to for checkout, so you'll have the same security that Etsy does. 

How else can I make further use of API technology in my Etsy shop?

Sellers interested in looking at other apps that use API technology should visit this page

Developers: Want to integrate Etsy checkout into your project? Learn all about Guest Carts and how to integrate them here.

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