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Managing Your Wholesale Buyer Account

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Etsy Local stores

Create your buyer profile

Your buyer profile contains six main sections. Filling these out completely is an essential part of representing yourself on Etsy Wholesale. In the future, if you meet the requirements for being listed on Etsy Local Stores, certain aspects of your buyer profile information will be visible to customers across Etsy.

Brand story

Every shop has a story. Use this section to tell yours! Adding a compelling story will help sellers feel more invested in the partnership you’ll both share.

Tip: Write about your store’s beginnings and how it has grown over time. Try to keep the length under 1,000 characters.

  • Where and when was it founded?
  • How has it evolved over time?
  • Do you have any interesting stories to share?
  • Where do you see the shop going in the future?


Upload a profile picture that conveys the personality behind your business. This profile picture will be used for both your Etsy and Etsy Wholesale accounts.

Add five images that give sellers a special peek inside your store. These should be at least 1500 pixels wide, 791 pixels in height, and in JPG, GIF, or PNG format. Keep in mind that these images are in a horizontal layout.

Tip: You can use your images to further deepen that connection between buyers and sellers:

  • Share shots of the interior and exterior of your shop.
  • Show sellers where and how their items will be displayed.

Business info

Enter important identifying information about your business, such as its name and business ID number. Tell sellers when your business was established and what brands you carry.

Mark checkboxes next to the different categories in which your business specializes. These selections will be used to suggest items to you later!

Note: Your business ID number is only visible to sellers after you submit a purchase order. If selected to be featured on Etsy Local Stores, your business ID will remain private.

Contact info

Enter a phone number that sellers can use to contact you if necessary. The email address you provided during the Etsy Wholesale application process will automatically appear in this section.

Note: This information will only be visible to sellers after you submit a purchase order. If selected to be featured on Etsy Local Stores, your email address will remain private. Your phone number will be listed, however, so make sure to input your shop’s number.

Business location

Enter your business address, and be sure to let us know whether it represents a brick and mortar store or an office. Addresses for brick and mortar shops are visible on buyer profiles, but office addresses are only visible to sellers on purchase orders. If selected to be featured on Etsy Local Stores, your shop’s physical address will be displayed.

Business links

Enter the URLs for your shop’s website, blog, Facebook Page, or Twitter profile. While these are optional fields, we highly encourage you to include all relevant social media links. Doing so allows sellers to keep up-to-date on your business outside of Etsy Wholesale. If selected to be featured on Etsy Local Stores, your Facebook and Twitter links will be shown on your listing.

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Search for items

Use the search bar at the top of any Etsy Wholesale page to search for items by keyword.

You can filter your results by category on the left side of the page, or use the categories to browse all wholesale items in those categories. Items can also be sorted by relevance, highest/lowest price, most recent, or random using the dropdown menu in the top right corner of results.

Under the categories, you can filter your Search results even further. Choose what opening order minimum you'd like to see with First Order Minimum. Use the Seller Location filter to find sellers local to you or in a specific location. You can also use the Wholesale Price filter to further specify your results.

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Search for specific sellers

To search for a specific seller, enter all or of part of their brand name into the search box at the top of any page. If we find any matches, we'll list them in the Searching for vendors by name? box at the top of search results. If we don't detect any matches, we'll show you item results instead.

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Saving favorite items

Currently, we don't support the creation of lists or collections of items at this time. We hope to add support for this in the future.

For now, you're welcome to create a draft PO as a way to save shops you want to revisit in the future. Only you can see your draft POs, and they will stay indefinitely until you cancel them or send them to the seller.

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Etsy Local stores

Top-performing retailers that are part of the Etsy Wholesale program are now under Local Stores within Etsy Local.

Etsy Local retailers represent the range of buyers purchasing from Etsy sellers to stock their shelves. They support local craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, and, of course, independent designers.

Eligibility requirements

To qualify for inclusion on Etsy Local as a retail store, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a buyer on Etsy Wholesale

  • Have a brick and mortar shop

  • Have placed 5 purchase orders on Etsy Wholesale

  • Have completed a purchase order within the past 6 months

Your store local listing

Your store listing will pull the following information from your wholesale buyer profile:

  • About section

  • Shop images

  • Business name

  • The categories you specialize in

  • Phone number

  • Business location

  • Your Facebook link and Twitter handle (if applicable)

Additionally, we’ll showcase the Etsy sellers that you’ve ordered from within the past six months, and your store hours will be pulled in from your Google Business listing.

List an event happening In your store

If you’re a retailer listed on Etsy Local, and you’re hosting an Etsy event or an Etsy seller in your store, you can list your event on Etsy Local. Some things to keep in mind:

  • The event location will auto-populate with your store location. If you’re hosting an event that will take place elsewhere, an Etsy seller must be the one to list the event on Etsy Local.

  • Any events you create that take place in your store will be listed on your Local Store page under the heading “Upcoming In-store Events.”

  • If you're not a retailer listed on Etsy Local, you can't register your event yourself. If there are participating Etsy sellers at your in-store event, then any of those sellers can create an event.

Getting your store on Etsy Local

If you have any questions about the qualifications for becoming a listed retail store, updating your store’s information, or would like to remove your store listing, please email

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