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Favorites and Favorite Lists

Your favorites are items, shops, or treasuries that you want to keep track of by adding them to one of your favorite lists. This way you can easily save them for future reference.

When you favorite something, your followers see a story update in their homepage feed.

Favorite Lists allow you to organize your favorites into groups. Whether you’re gathering decor ideas for your home, saving a wish list, or sorting items by creative themes and motifs, Favorite Lists can help you keep your collections organized.

Adding an Item to Your Favorite List

  1. On the right of an item listing, click the heart-shaped Favorite button to add the item to your default Favorite List, called Items I Love.

  2. Click Add to for a menu of lists you’ve already created.
  • You can also create a new list by entering a title in the New list box.

When looking at an item in search results, mouse over the item's picture to get the Favorite and Add to buttons to appear. 

Viewing Your Favorite Lists

  1. Sign in and click the heart at the top right of any Etsy page.

  2. Click the tabs to toggle between ItemsShops, and Treasuries.

Organizing Your Favorite Lists

  1. Sign in and click the heart at the top of the site.

  2. Then go to the Items tab.

  3. Click Create New List to enter a title for a new, custom list. You can create a total of 25 custom lists, including your Items I Love list.

Editing or Removing a List

To remove an item from your lists:

  • Visit the list and hover over the upper right corner of the listing image.

  • Click the heart button to remove the item from Items I Love or click the list button to remove the item from one of your custom lists. 

Note: You can also unfavorite an item from its listing page. Click the Favorite button to remove the item from Items I Love or the Add to button to remove the item from one of your custom lists.

To edit or remove a list:

  • Visit the list you’d like to edit.

  • Click the Edit button to delete or rename the list.

NoteTwitter and Facebook buttons allow other members to tweet and share your lists. If you don't want members to share your Items I Love, you can turn this off in your privacy settings.

Favoriting a Treasury

To add a treasury to your favorites, visit the treasury page and click the Favorite button on the right.

Managing Privacy Settings for Favorites and Lists

Adding an item to your Items I Love list will create a story in the homepage feeds of other members who follow you. If you don't want your favoriting activity to be public, change your settings by clicking Edit in your Items I Love list. 

If you’d like to make any of your custom lists private, you can follow the same process: click Edit at the top of the list you’d like to make private.

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