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Managing Your Shop In Case of Emergency

We understand that personal emergencies can have an impact on your business. During these times, it can be challenging to take the time you need to care for yourself and/or your family.

We’ve provided some suggestions below to help you maintain your Etsy shop.

Vacation mode

Putting your shop in vacation mode will remove items from public view. In this mode, buyers will not be able to purchase from your shop. You can set up an auto-reply for people who send you a conversation, and visitors to your shop can sign up to get a message when you return.

You can also customize your shop banner or cover photo and/or update your shop announcement to let everyone know that you’re taking a break.

Vacation mode is a good option if you have limited or no access to your shop. Please keep in mind, however, that open orders should be refunded if they can’t be fulfilled.


If you anticipate being unable to fulfill orders within your processing times, be transparent with your buyers. Keeping them in the loop as much as possible is always the best approach.

You can do this by sending conversations to your buyers, as well as editing your processing times to reflect delays.

If you’re unable to meet a buyer’s deadline, you can also refund and cancel the order.

Ask for help

If circumstances are simply beyond your control, consider reaching out to a friend or family member.

Another approach is appointing an “In Case of Emergency” manager for your shop. This person could be someone that you trust to help maintain your shop if you’re unable to do this yourself.

They could assist with shipping orders that are ready to be mailed, issuing refunds if necessary, or responding to conversations.

Seller Protection

If a buyer does report a problem with their order (for example, a non-delivery case), follow our Seller Protection Policy to make sure that your shop is in good standing.

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