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Adding Shipping Upgrades

Shipping upgrades allow sellers to offer a shipping option in addition to the regular shipping rate, and they are completely optional. A buyer can then choose the option in their shopping cart when checking out.

Adding shipping upgrades as a Buyer

After adding an item to your cart, click the Cart link at the top right of any page.

If the seller offers a shipping upgrade, you'll see a dropdown menu that says Standard Shipping to the right of your item. If you’re purchasing using multi-shop checkout, make sure to check the shipping options for each seller.

If you don't see the dropdown menu, try contacting the seller to see if they can accommodate you. Learn how to contact a seller.

Adding shipping upgrades as a seller

When adding shipping upgrades, you can enter either a Domestic upgrade, an International upgrade, or you can enter both. The price of the upgrades is completely up to you and can be as little as $0.

Note: The cost you set for a shipping upgrade is added to the base shipping cost you set. Your buyer will see the total of both amounts along with the name of your upgrade in their cart.

You can add shipping upgrades from the listing page.

1.) Visit Shop Manager > Listings and click Add a listing.

2.) Scroll down to the Shipping section and make sure your shipping costs are set to I’ll enter fixed costs manually.

Learn more about adding calculated shipping to your listings.

3.) After filling in the appropriate shipping information, scroll down to the Shipping upgrades section and select Add a shipping upgrade. When you’re finished, click Save as a shipping profile.

You can also add shipping upgrades when you create a profile in your shipping settings.

1.) Go to Shop Manager > Settings > Shipping settings and select the Shipping profiles tab on the left.

2.) Click Add a shipping profile.

3.) Select I’ll enter fixed costs manually from the dropdown menu in the Shipping costs section at the top.

4.) Scroll down to the Shipping upgrades section and select Add a shipping upgrade.

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