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Reporting a Violation of Intellectual Property

At Etsy, we take intellectual property concerns very seriously.

Please note, though, that as a venue, Etsy is not the appropriate party to make any legal determinations about potential infringement. Also, we can’t give legal advice, including about what rights or claims you may or may not have.

Infringement claims may be serious matters for all parties involved. You may want to speak to a legal expert if you have any questions or uncertainties.

Some members post contact information in their account profile, shop announcement, or shop policies.

Sometimes a matter is better resolved directly between the parties. You can choose to respectfully contact the other person via Etsy Conversations about your concerns. This Help article provides information about using the Conversations feature on Etsy to contact another member. 

Etsy will comply with our policy and remove material when we receive a proper notice of infringement in accordance with Etsy’s Intellectual Property Policy.

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