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Canceling a Sale

Only sellers may cancel transactions.

If a buyer would like to request cancellation, the buyer should ask the seller via Etsy Conversations.

Sellers may accept returns, but in most cases are not required to do so unless they state they do in their shop policies or are required by local laws. Buyers should read sellers' shop policies carefully and contact sellers before shipping a return.

Sellers agree to complete valid transactions, but occasionally a seller may need to cancel a transaction.

As a seller, if you're unable to complete a transaction, we encourage you to notify the buyer via Etsy Conversations and cancel the transaction. If the buyer already submitted payment, you must issue a full refund. Sellers are encouraged to keep proof of any refunds in the event a dispute arises.

To cancel an order:

1.) Go to Shop Manager > Orders > All.

2.) Find the order or transaction you need to cancel. Click Receipt for # above the transaction info.

3.) In the Order section of the receipt page, click Cancel a transaction.

4.) Fill out the form to request cancellation of some or all transactions within the order.

5.) Choose a reason why you're canceling. To avoid buyer confusion, we recommend leaving a detailed note further explaining why you're canceling.

Etsy will email a notification to both you and the buyer. Cancellations process within 48 hours.

Your Etsy bill will be credited for the applicable fees, and the transaction will move to the Canceled tab on your Orders page. Etsy will email you a receipt when your cancellation processes.

Canceling doesn't put the item(s) back for sale in your shop. You can renew a sold out item by going to Shop Manager > Listings and selecting Sold Out under Listings status.

A seller may cancel a transaction under the following circumstances:

  • The buyer did not pay. (The seller may flag a buyer for a payment not received, chargeback, or canceled payment.)

  • Both the buyer and seller agree to cancel the transaction before shipment, and the seller has issued the buyer a full refund.

  • The seller has decided to refuse service to the buyer, and if the buyer has already paid, the seller has issued a full refund, including shipping.

  • The buyer did not receive the item(s) ordered, even though the seller has provided proof of shipping, and the seller has issued a refund for the item. (Refunding shipping is optional, unless the buyer paid with Etsy Payments, in which case you'll need to refund in full.)

  • The buyer and seller agreed that the buyer could return the item to the seller for a refund. The seller has received the returned item and issued a refund to the buyer for the item. (Refunding shipping is optional, unless the buyer paid with Etsy Payments, in which case you'll need to refund in full.)

Note: If the buyer paid for and successful received their item, then the order is not eligible for cancellation.

Please be advised that discrimination is not allowed on Etsy. For more information, please review our Anti-Discrimination Policy.

How you cancel depends on how the buyer paid.

  • If the buyer paid via Etsy Payments, issue a full refund from your payment account before you cancel.

  • If the buyer paid to your PayPal account, check, money order, or “Other” payment method, refund the buyer through the appropriate method, and be prepared to provide proof of refund in case of a dispute.

If you purchased a Etsy Shipping Label with insurance and need to file a claim, do so before canceling your order. You won't be able to file a claim after canceling.

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