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Receiving a Negative Review

Note: The time period buyers will have to open a case or leave a review will be changing soon. For more information, please review this article.

Receiving a low rating can be surprising and disappointing. It's worth taking a moment to consider whether there’s anything to take away and learn from it.

Then, think about what the best course of action is. In some cases, letting it go and moving on can be the best option.

What can I do about a negative review?

You can address a low rating by reaching out to the buyer and see if they'd be willing to help you better address the issue they reference in the review. Communicating like this may lead a buyer to edit their review. You can begin a conversation with the buyer from your Shop Reviews or Sold Orders pages.

If you’re unable to resolve the issue to your or the buyer’s satisfaction, you can opt to learn from the experience and move on.

Reviews are people’s opinions, which are out of the seller’s control, and not everyone can be pleased. Shoppers understand this and know that a low rating in a sea of praise is not the norm.

As a last resort, you have the option to respond publicly (one time only) to reviews with ratings of three or fewer stars.

By submitting your response, the buyer’s rating, their review, and your response will no longer be editable.

Since your response will be public and viewable by other shoppers, here are some tips for responding:

  • Be short and simple.

  • Respond in a positive and professional way that reflects well of you, your shop, and your customer service.

  • Address the specific concerns from the review and any changes you made as a result.

  • Focus on your product and service, not the reviewer.

Responding to a review

To respond to a review, go to Shop Manager > click your shop name under Sales Channels and click Reviews or scroll down to your Reviews section.

Find the review and click on Post a public response.

Once you post your response, it will appear in the Reviews section of listing pages and on your Shop Reviews page.

You have 60 days to respond from the date the buyer last edited their review.

Note: You can delete your response at any time.

Once you respond to a review the buyer will no longer be able to edit their original review, even if you delete your response.

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