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Adding Coverage for a Canada Post Shipping Label

If you purchase a Canada Post Shipping Label on Etsy, you have the option to add coverage against loss or damage for up to $5,000 CAD for domestic shipping services and $1,000 for eligible US and International shipping services.* All domestic shipping services include Coverage for up to $100 CAD.

When shipping to the rest of the world, Xpresspost International, International Parcel Air, International Parcel Surface, Tracked Packet - International all include Coverage for up to $100 CAD. Coverage is not available for other International shipping services.

What's not included in coverage?

To learn more about what is eligible for coverage see Canada Post’s Terms and Conditions.

Where do I buy it?

The option to add Coverage for your label is below the signature confirmation checkbox on your label purchase page. Learn more about how to purchase a shipping label.

The cost of this Coverage and any additional shipping fees are included in the itemized list on your label purchase page. After purchasing your label, the cost of this coverage will appear separately on your bill as Canada Post Shipping Label Coverage and will include the shipping label number.

What happens if I need to file a claim?

Learn how to file a claim.

Also, review Canada Post’s Terms and Conditions.

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