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Buying Canada Post Shipping Labels on Etsy

To view orders that are eligible for shipping labels, click Shop Manager > Orders > View shipping labels at the top left of the page. Orders have to be marked as paid to have this option.

If there is a specific order you’d like to purchase a label for, first, go to Shop Manager > Orders, find your order, and click Print Shipping Label.

You will be taken to your label purchase page.

Here you can enter your package specifications.

Review your Ship To and Ship From addresses and edit if necessary.

Select a package type, enter your package weight and dimensions, and select a shipping service. This is also where you can choose to add Signature Confirmation and additional Canada Post Coverage against loss or damage where available.

Learn about purchasing Coverage

Customs information 

When purchasing a non-domestic label, you must supply the weight, value, and accurate description of each individual item in the order. If you have a tariff number for your package you can add it here. The appropriate customs form will be automatically generated for you.  

Find a tariff number for your items.

View special customs requirements by country here.

To purchase additional labels for an order, click Add New Label For This Order and enter the package details for each label.

All domestic shipping services available on Etsy automatically include Canada Post Delivery Confirmation and tracking. These features are also included with some US shipping services. Learn about US shipping services.

Review the label costs. Once you’ve entered all the necessary information, you will see your total label cost in both CAD and USD. There is no fee associated with calculating this exchange rate.

Edit or confirm your Note to Buyer. This note will be included with the shipping notification that’s automatically sent to the buyer on the label's Notification Date.

You may save up to 10 different versions of your Note to Buyer by clicking the blue message bubble in the bottom right corner of the message field in the Note to Buyer overlay.

Set the Notification Date for your label. We will email the buyer on this date to tell them that the order has been shipped.

Select Confirm and Buy.

Confirm your labels. If you need to go back and change anything, close the confirmation window by clicking Cancel.

Once you click Purchase, your order will be marked as shipped. A shipping notification will be sent to your buyer on the label’s Notification Date. You can download your labels immediately or later from the order’s receipt page. If you have purchased more than one label for an order, and you’re printing your labels immediately, all of the labels will download in one PDF. You may also print packing slips for the orders from here. All of the packing slips will download in one, separate PDF. Learn more about packing slips.

From the receipt page, you may click Download Label to view and download a PDF of your label in your browser.

Because PDFs usually require third-party software, make sure that you have a PDF reader installed and it is up to date.

Note: You’ll be able to print your label until the day after it was purchased, but it will expire after that.

You can purchase additional labels for a domestic order up to 60 days from the initial label purchase from the order’s receipt page.

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