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Buying Health Products

We understand that many buyers and sellers are interested in exploring alternative health and well-being products. At the same time, Etsy is committed to ensuring that our marketplace is a safe space. To that end, Etsy prohibits drugs, which includes medical drugs.

Etsy also prohibits certain substances found to be of questionable safety or legality, such as CBD oil and many other herbal substances. We generally do not prohibit supplements, bath and body products, herbal products, or other items that may directly or indirectly impact your health. However, we urge you to speak with a medical professional to determine what is best and safest for you before purchasing any such items on Etsy.

The safety of herbal and health products for sale on Etsy

Etsy can’t advise on whether or not a product is good for you or whether it is safe. There is an ongoing debate about the efficacy of herbal products, and Etsy is not able to weigh in about whether such products are effective or safe. Furthermore, different people may have different reactions to different types of products. Before purchasing any health-related product, we strongly recommend speaking with a qualified medical professional.

While we require sellers know and follow all applicable laws, it’s possible that there are items on Etsy pertaining to health which may make unfounded or untested claims. Etsy is unable to verify the claims made in listings, though we do prohibit certain types of claims which we believe pose an unreasonable amount of risk for our community. You can find more information on medical drug claims here.

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