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Seller Protection Program

Etsy Seller Protection can safeguard you in the event there is a problem with a transaction. It also protects your funds if the transaction was paid via Etsy Payments.

Below are some of the main requirements to qualify for Seller Protection. We encourage you to review the full Seller Protection Policy for complete eligibility information.

  • You must fill out your shop policies, including your policies for returns, exchanges, and custom orders. Without this information, Etsy may not be able to defend you against a disputed charge. You should also make sure that your shop policies are in compliance with Etsy's policies, as well as your local laws

  • The item must be a physical, tangible good that can be shipped (i.e. no digital goods). At this time, items purchased in person via the Sell on Etsy app are not eligible for cases.

  • Communicate with the buyer via Conversations about the status of their order, any questions they may have, and any additional details agreed upon in the transaction.

  • Accurately photograph and describe the item(s) for sale in your shop, including details like color, size, materials, condition, customizable options, etc.  

  • Provide a reasonable and accurate shipping date (also referred to as “processing time” or ships-by date) using the tools provided by Etsy, and ship the item(s) accordingly. 

  • Ship to the address provided on Etsy or Etsy Studio. If your buyer enters the wrong address, we recommend canceling the order and having them purchase again with the correct address.  

  • When you ship an order, mark the order as shipped or use Etsy Shipping Labels, which automatically marks your order as shipped. You should only mark an order as shipped when you actually ship an order to a buyer. 

  • Provide valid proof of shipping for all orders. Also, be sure to provide proof of delivery for items shipped within the US. 

  • If you are contacted by Etsy, you must respond to any requests for additional information and comply with any investigations in a timely manner. If a chargeback is filed against you, you must respond to any inquiries from Etsy within 5 calendar days. If a non-delivery or not-as-described case is filed against you on Etsy, you must respond in the case log within 7 calendar days. Keep in mind that Etsy may reopen a previously closed case in order to further investigate tracking issues.

  • Your account, as well as any related accounts, must be in good standing and not in violation of any of Etsy's policies or Terms of Use.
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