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Setting up and Managing a Google Shopping Campaign

Google Shopping is an optional advertising tool that allows you to promote your items outside of the Etsy marketplace. When you start a Google Shopping campaign through Etsy, you set a budget and audience to target (by country), and we'll set up everything else. Learn more.

Types of Google Shopping campaigns

How it works


Google coupon

Getting started

Target ads by country

Automatically advertise new listings

Filtering listings by status

New campaign performance

Abiding by policies


Types of Google Shopping campaigns

There are two types of Google advertising options on Etsy:

  • The Google Shopping campaign you set a daily budget for

  • Etsy's free Shopping Engine Ads

If you've enabled Shopping Engine Ads, we may include your listings in our Google Shopping campaigns. To learn more about Shopping Engine Ads, check out this Help article.

Please note that if you start your own Google Shopping campaign, you’re opting out of the Google portion of Etsy's Shopping Engine Ads.

A Google Shopping campaign allows you to invest in one of the most effective online channels for reaching new shoppers. Your campaign will also be optimized to your shop to help with the placement of your ads, and you'll have control over where you'd like to promote your items.

Note: If you pause or end your Google Shopping campaign, you'll automatically be re-enrolled in our free Shopping Engine Ads.

How it works

Etsy submits the listings you want to promote in a format that Google can read and process. When a shopper searches on Google, Google looks at two things:

  • Products that match the shopper's search terms

  • The bid amount for the product

Once you set an average daily budget for your campaign, Etsy's bid management system will give your products optimal bids while taking your budget into account. The products that win the auction are displayed to the shopper.

Learn more about how Google Shopping ads work.


Google Shopping ads are charged per click, and those charges are based on each of your listings' bids.

The daily budget you set is an average and it may fluctuate by 20% for a given day. Some days you may spend under, and other days you may go over. This is because Google tries to maximize your return on investment (ROI) by showing your ads more often on days when search traffic is higher.

As long as your daily budget is consistent, your monthly spend will not go above your budget for the month. We calculate this by taking the average amount of days within a month (30.4) and multiplying it by your average daily budget.

Google coupon

Google offers a coupon for sellers in the US and Canada. Sellers who spend $25.00 (USD or CAD) in Google Shopping ads within the first 30 days of their campaign will receive a $100.00 credit for Google Shopping ads.

It takes about 24 hours for Google to start counting your spend towards redeeming the coupon. Once you qualify for the coupon, the credit be automatically applied to your advertising budget. Keep in mind that it can take up to 5 days for this credit to appear in your advertising dashboard.

Note: This credit will not expire and is not transferrable.

For more details, click here.

Getting started

If you haven't yet signed up for Google Shopping, go to Shop Manager > Marketing > Google Shopping and scroll down to the Google Shopping section of the page.

First, determine an average daily budget for your campaign. The minimum daily budget you can set is $1.00 USD.

Each campaign also has a limit to how high you can set your daily budget. To calculate your maximum daily budget or daily budget limit, we take the total amount you spent on ads from the previous week and divide it by 7.

Depending on your current bill status and billing history, your maximum daily budget may increase over time.

Target ads by country

Choose a country where you'd like to show your ads. You can only advertise in one country at a time, but you can change this selection at any time. The available countries are:

  • United States

  • Canada

  • United Kingdom

  • Germany

  • France

  • Australia

Automatically advertise new listings

To automatically advertise new items you add to your shop, click the toggle button next to Advertise new listings automatically.

You can manage these settings at any time by going to Shop Manager > Marketing > Google Shopping and clicking Manage. Here you can:

  • Turn your campaign on/off

  • Update your average daily budget

  • Change the country where you'd like to advertise

  • Turn auto-promotion on/off

Note: Making changes to your settings can result in additional optimization time for your campaign. Read our New campaign performance section for more information.

Filtering listings by status

We'll automatically display active listings you're promoting, but you can view other listings to see their past performance. View each listing’s status by clicking the Filter field under Ad stats and settings.

Here are the different statuses a listing can have:

  • On: You're promoting this listing in Google Shopping.

  • Off: You have stopped promoting this listing. It will not be promoted until you click to start promoting.

  • Active: The listing is active and eligible to be promoted.

  • Expired: This listing has expired and it won’t be promoted unless you renew it.

  • Deleted: You've deleted the listing, and it's no longer being promoted.

  • Sold Out: This listing is sold out and is not being promoted.

  • Inactive: You've deactivated the listing, and it won't be promoted unless you reactivate it.

New campaign performance

Keep in mind that it takes at least a week for a new Google Shopping campaign to start seeing significant traffic. This is because your campaign is brand new in Google’s system.

We recommend reviewing what you're spending after one week and checking on your performance after three weeks. There are a lot of people shopping on Google, but it takes some time to reach optimal bids for an advertising campaign.

Making the following changes to your campaign may also lead to additional optimization time:

  • Changing your average daily budget. Your average daily budget factors into bid optimization. If you change your average daily budget often, it may take time for Etsy’s bid management system to reach optimal bids again.

  • Changing the country you’re advertising in. If you choose to target a new country you haven't previously advertised in, it can take time for your ads to gain traction in that market. This is because a change in your target country will essentially be a new campaign.

Learn more about tracking Google Shopping performance.

Abiding by policies

Listings you promote in your Google Shopping campaign must abide by all of Etsy’s policies. This includes our Advertising and Marketing Policy.

Your items must also follow Google's policies. For more information about how to comply with Google’s policies, read this guide.


In addition to the cost displayed in your Google Shopping dashboard, your Etsy bill will be updated daily for Google Shopping charges so you can keep track of what you're spending.

To view Google Shopping charges on your bill, go to Shop Manager > Finances > Your bill. Click View all statements to view all previous statements.

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