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Making Listings Visible to International Buyers

Automatic translation allows your listings to be seen by a wider audience of potential buyers. With translated listings, buyers can see your listings displayed in their preferred language.  

Our automatic listing translation tool can also save you the time of manually translating listings in languages in which you are fluent. 

Turn automatic listing translations on and off

To control whether your listings are automatically translated:

1.) Go to Shop Manager > Settings > Options.

2.) Under Automatic Listing Translation, choose to enable or disable.

3.) Click Save.

When enabled, you can have your listings surfaced to buyers searching in supported languages. When disabled, listings will only be surfaced if you have provided a manual translation for that language.

Manually translate your listings

Manually translating your listings will override automatic translations of those listings.

To manually translate your listings, enroll in the language in which you wish to translate.

Listings that you have not manually translated will still be eligible for automatic translation if you have enabled it in your settings.

Learn more about enrolling in another language.

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