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Vintage Items on Etsy

For an item to be considered vintage on Etsy, it must be at least 20 years old.

The need for clear-cut standards in the Vintage category has been expressed by buyers and sellers alike. We ask that sellers be well informed about the items they sell as part of our goal of sustaining a vibrant and trustworthy marketplace. A member of Marketplace Integrity may ask for additional information about one or more items in your shop. 

What Marketplace Integrity looks for

  • Where do your vintage items come from? How do you source them?

  • How did you determine the age of an item?

  • Who is the designer? Which of their collections is this item from? What year did that collection debut?

  • For clothing: What fabric is the garment made of? Does the garment have a brand label or care instructions? What material do the zipper or buttons appear to be made of?

  • For deadstock items: What indications did you look for that helped you determine that the item is authentic deadstock?

Deadstock is most widely recognized as clothing or accessories that have never been worn or sold to the public. Deadstock items are usually forgotten stockpiles from warehouses and are sometimes still in their original packaging or contain their original tags.

Keep in mind that we may ask for photo documentation of key vintage indicators such as:

  • Brand labels

  • Item closures such as zippers or buttons

  • Care instructions label

  • For deadstock items: Any original tags or documentation from your supplier, which may list the style and type of the item

The following answers would not be sufficient responses to a Vintage inquiry:

  • The item was handed down from a relative who has been deceased for over twenty years.

  • Another vintage seller is selling the same item or a similar item in their shop.

  • The item was purchased at an estate sale or yard sale.

After you respond to an inquiry

If you provide adequate information showing that your item is vintage, we do not require any further action. If you don’t provide adequate information, you’ll be asked to remove the listing.

In the event that you are asked to remove a specific item, it's your responsibility to research all other items listed in your shop to make sure that they meet Etsy’s vintage criteria.

We'll provide the necessary guidance to help you get your shop into compliance. However, we reserve the right to close shops that have multiple vintage policy violations.

More information about our Seller Policy can be found here.


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