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The Email Address for Your Etsy Account

If you're a seller and accept PayPal payments, you'll need to update your PayPal email independently from your Etsy account email. Learn how to change your PayPal email address on Etsy.

To change the email on file with your Etsy account:

1) Sign in and go to You > Account Settings.

2) Scroll down to the Email section and fill out the Change your email form.

3) Click Change Email. A confirmation email from will be sent to your new email address.

4) Click the approval link, and your email address will change. 

Some important things to know

  • An email address can only be attached to one Etsy account at a time.

  • Closing an account doesn't free up an email address for use on another account. 

  • To free up your preferred email address, first reopen your closed account. Then change the email to another address that you don't intend to use on Etsy.
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