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Team Pages

Team Pages are a way to show off items from sellers in your team. It can also be a great place to help buyers discover your team.

Your Team Page will have a unique web address that you can share with anyone, and it’s easy to embed on a blog or website.

Apply for a Team Page

If you’re the Captain of an Etsy Team, you can apply for a Team Page here.

Please note that only Team Captains can apply, but once the Page has been set up, other team members can be added as curators.

Set up your Page

1.) Sign in to Etsy and visit your Page URL (included in the email).

2.) Click the Manage Page button on the right.

3.) Add your team’s logo. We recommend your image be around 280 x 280 pixels.

4.) Add a link to your Page. This can be your team’s website, blog, and/or Etsy team hub.

Once your Page is set up, you are welcome to add other team members as curators. Click Add Curator and search for the Etsy member you’d like to add.

To remove a curator, hover your mouse over a member’s name in the Manage Page window, and click the X.

If you’d like to assign a new Page manager, send us an email at We’d be happy to make the change for you.

Curate your Page

Our curation tools allow you to add to your Lists from all over the site while staying signed in to your Etsy account. Here’s how you begin curating:

1.) Create your Lists from your Page by clicking on the Create New List button.

2.) Find items to add. You’ll see List buttons all over the site. You can add an item to one or more Lists.                     

3.) Go into the List and click Edit List. Add a short sentence to describe your collection’s inspiration. You can also add a link to editorial content relevant to Etsy on your site or blog.

To remove an item from a List, click the List icon on the item and deselect the List you wish to remove it from. To delete a List, visit the List, click Edit List, and you’ll see the option to Delete this List.

Tips for curating on Etsy

Check out these sources as jumping-off points for inspiration:

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