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Wholesale Purchase Orders

A purchase order (PO) is a document that lists the items (including specific styles or variations) that a buyer would like to order from a seller. They are considered order requests rather than guaranteed transactions.

Sellers must accept a purchase order before the transaction is confirmed and an invoice is generated.

By submitting a purchase order, the buyer is letting the seller know that if it is accepted, they will pay for the order. The invoice is considered a legal bill for the order.


Viewing your Wholesale purchase orders

Accepting a new purchase order

Editing a purchase order

Canceling a purchase order

Issuing a refund

Unpaid orders


Purchase order states

Adding items to a purchase order

Removing items from a purchase order

Submitting a purchase order

Editing a submitted purchase order

Canceling a purchase order

Non-delivered or not-as-described order


Viewing your Wholesale purchase orders

To view your wholesale orders click Shop Manager > Orders > Wholesale Orders. The blue counter next to Wholesale Orders indicates how many new orders you have. Click this link to view your new wholesale orders.

Purchase Order States

Your purchase order can be in five different states:

  • New: These are new orders that you need to approve.

  • Accepted: This describes accepted orders that still need invoices. At this point you can edit the quantity, ship date, payment details, and add charges or credits.

  • Open Invoice: These are the orders you've sent to buyers. You can continue to make changes to a PO up until the time you mark the invoice as shipped and paid.

  • Completed: These are orders you've marked as shipped and paid.

  • Canceled Orders: When you agree not to fulfill orders and cancel them, they move to this tab.

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Accepting a new purchase order

When a buyer submits a purchase order, you'll receive an email notification with a link to the order. To view your open purchase orders at any time, click Orders > Received Orders > New.

On the Received Orders page, select the order number for the active order you wish to accept. Now you have the option of adding any additional charges or credits to the purchase order. For each charge or credit, add a description of the charge as well as the price. Etsy's system automatically updates the order total for you.

Adding shipping charges

Due to the nature of wholesale, shipping is manually added to the PO once it's accepted. This gives you time to determine actual shipping costs for the quantity ordered. You're also welcome to invoice the buyer once you have packed and weighed your order.

To add shipping charges, select Add a shipping charge from the dropdown menu.

Enter the carrier in the description field along with the shipping costs. The total will automatically update.

"Ship By" date and payment terms

Before you finalize your invoice for the buyer, you'll need to add additional details. Choose a "ship by" date, your payment method and instructions, the desired payment date, and any additional notes.

If you want to offer net payment terms to your buyer, the "ship by" date is usually sooner than the desired payment date. We suggest that you only offer net payment terms to buyers you have worked with previously and you trust will pay you after receiving their order. Etsy cannot guarantee payment for an order that has already been shipped.

You can read more about net payment terms in this article.

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Editing a purchase order

Once a purchase order has been submitted, you can increase/decrease the requested quantity of an individual item and add shipping, tax, or miscellaneous charges or credits until the invoice is marked as paid. Once you mark it as paid, you'll only be able to change the "ship by" date and issue refunds to make adjustments to line items.

To make a change to the PO, click Edit Order below the billing address.

Adding or removing items

If a buyer requests to add a new item to their purchase order, you'll need to manually add the item details as a line item charge and enter the total value for the quantity requested.

If you need to remove an item from the purchase order after you've submitted it, you can set its requested quantity to zero.

Updating the payment method

The payment method is selected by the buyer upon submission of the PO. Occasionally, you'll need to make changes to this selected payment method. For example, if a buyer selects Credit Card at checkout but decides they would like to mail a check instead.

To change the payment method, click Change next to the chosen payment method. Select your new payment method from your available options.

If you'd like to change the payment method to one you don't currently offer, you can enable that method by editing your Wholesale Policies. For information on how to do that, please take a look at this Help article.

Once all of your details have been added, click Accept Order.

Note: If accepting payment off Etsy, you'll need to manually update your order once payment is received. Marking an item as paid will push the PO through to its next state. It's required that you keep your PO states updated.

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Canceling a purchase order

Buyers can only cancel a purchase order if it's still a draft, or if it hasn't been accepted by the seller.

Only sellers can cancel a purchase order after it's accepted. This may happen if the buyer requests a cancellation or you are unable to complete the order. If you're unable to complete a purchase order, you must notify the buyer via Etsy Conversations and cancel the purchase order as soon as possible. If the buyer already submitted payment, you must issue a full refund.

To cancel a purchase order:

1.) Go to Shop Manager > Orders > Wholesale Orders.

2.) Find and open the purchase order you need to cancel, then click Cancel Order.

3.) Fill out the form to request cancellation.

If the buyer has submitted payment, you will be prompted to issue a refund.

Once the PO is canceled, Etsy will email a notice to both you and the buyer.

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Issuing a refund

To issue a refund for a purchase order paid through Etsy Payments, click Shop Manager > Orders > Purchase Orders and click the PO#.

You can also view the PO receipt for the order by going to Shop Manager > Finances > Payment account.

From the invoice, click Issue a Refund.

You can issue either a partial or full refund. You and the buyer will receive a notification email. The refund is also added to the PO history on the invoice.

An Etsy Payments refund can only be issued to the buyer’s original card used for the purchase. If your buyer’s original card is no longer valid, check out this Help article.

The refund amount is deducted from the total balance in your payment account. If you don’t have enough funds in your account to cover the refund, your credit card on file is charged for the remainder due.

Refunds through other payment methods need to be done off-platform. Please contact your buyer via Conversations to work out these details with them.

If your buyer paid via PayPal, you need to issue your refund through PayPal.

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Unpaid orders

An email notification is sent to buyers upon invoicing. To send an additional notification to your buyer as the due date approaches or passes, edit the PO and add another note.

To do so, open the PO and click Edit Order located below the Billing Address.

Enter your note in the note field and click Save.

Once saved, an updated purchase order is sent to the buyer.

If you wish to offer net terms, you should do so at your discretion.

While net terms are common in wholesale, we advise that you develop a relationship with the buyer first. Ideally, you may extend net terms only after you've successfully completed at least 1 purchase order with a retailer. This allows you to establish a business relationship with them before offering credit terms.

A request for full or partial payment up front, especially for a first time order, is not unusual and can ultimately help both parties feel secure in a transaction.

If you haven't received payment for your purchase order, here are some suggestions for working toward a resolution:

  • Check the payment method. Remember that Etsy Payments is the only payment method integrated with Etsy Wholesale. If your buyer chose a different payment method, some follow-up might be required. You can send a PayPal invoice to collect payment or call your buyer to get their credit card information to process their payment through a third party.

  • Send them a message. If you haven’t already contacted your buyer directly, send them a conversation or an email with a reminder and a direct link to the PO (the URL is the same for both sellers and buyers). Contact the buyer using the Contact Buyer link at the top right of your PO to start a conversation. You can also find their email address at the top right of the PO.

  • Give them a call. The buyer’s phone number is listed at the top right section of each PO. We ask that you call them and give them a reasonable amount of time to respond (2-3 business days) before reaching out to Etsy Support.

  • Contact Etsy Wholesale Support. If you've already attempted to contact the buyer via email, Etsy Conversation, and phone but have not received a response, please contact us directly at Be sure to include the PO#, the dates you have attempted contact, and any additional information.

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Purchase order states

Your purchase order can be in one of six states:

  • Drafts: When new orders are saved without being submitted, you can find them in the Drafts tab.

  • Submitted: Submitted orders are waiting for approval from the seller. You have the option to manually cancel an order while it's in this state.

  • Accepted: These are orders that have been accepted by the seller. When an order is accepted, the seller agrees to fulfill the order can create an invoice. You can make changes to the order’s quantity or payment details while the PO is in this state. Shipping charges are added here as well.

  • Open Invoice: POs in the open invoice state have been invoiced by the seller and are awaiting payment. If you need to make a change to the invoice, contact the seller directly. When a seller makes an invoice as paid and shipped, it moves to the next state. If you have completed orders in this tab, contact for assistance.

  • Completed: Orders are considered completed after they are marked as shipped and paid.

  • Canceled Orders: These are orders that are terminated and will not be fulfilled.

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Adding items to a purchase order

When you find an item that you’re interested in ordering, enter your desired quantity and click Add to Order.

If the seller has set a minimum order quantity, you may order no less than the quantity indicated.

If the seller offers customization options, be sure to select these before adding the item to your order.

For information on order minimums, please view the shop's Vendor Policies section, located by clicking the Wholesale Policies tab at the top of each listing description.

Some sellers offer their items in different variations or have additional options. When applicable, select any required variation options before adding an item to your purchase order.

After adding an item to your purchase order, you can continue shopping or add more items by clicking +Add more products from ____, located below the last item in your order.

Continue to add items and make changes until you're happy with your purchase order.

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Removing items from a purchase order

If you're building a purchase order and no longer want an item on it, you can remove that item before sending it to the seller.

Click the Remove Item link underneath the item you want to remove from your PO. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page to save your order.

Once your order is saved, you can continue adding items to your PO. You must click Save Order each time you remove an item from your PO so the order can properly update.

Please note that saving your order doesn't send it to the seller.

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Submitting a new purchase order

When you're ready to submit your order to the seller, access the purchase order page. While in Etsy Wholesale, you can access your order by clicking Orders > Placed Orders. Then, go to your Drafts tab. Click on the order number for the purchase order you wish to submit.

Confirm that the quantities and variations selected for each item are correct.

Choose a shipping address from the addresses provided in the Ship to dropdown menu. To add a new address instead, choose Add a new address from the bottom of the list. You can also add a note to the seller with any additional questions or requests that you may have in this section.

This is an optional feature that is useful if you have a desired delivery date.

If you'd like to save your purchase order for later, click Save Order.

When you're ready to submit the order, enter the first and last names of the authorized contact person and select or add a shipping address using the dropdown menu. Next, select your preferred method of payment.

If the seller accepts credit cards through Etsy Payments, you can choose this payment option by selecting the credit card symbols.

If you would to select a different method of payment, click Other payment methods. If you prefer to submit payment using an external payment method, the seller will process the payment, not Etsy. They will send you payment instructions with your invoice. Once the payment is received, the seller should manually mark the PO as Paid so that the PO state is updated.

Once your payment method is selected, click Send Order

Please note that many sellers require a minimum purchase amount for both new orders and re-orders. Make sure you're aware of these minimums when submitting your purchase order. If your purchase order does not meet the minimum order amount a seller has set for their shop, you'll see a warning message upon submission that gives you the option to add more items or send the order anyway.

A seller may reject any order that doesn't meet their stated requirements. You can review the seller's policies by clicking the seller’s policies link at the bottom of the purchase order page.

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Editing a submitted purchase order

Once a purchase order has been submitted, it can't be changed from your side. If you need to update your shipping information or change the requested quantity of an item, please contact the seller directly through Etsy Conversations.

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Canceling a purchase order

You can cancel a purchase order if it's still a draft, or if the buyer has not yet accepted the PO.

Only sellers can cancel a purchase order after it is approved.

If you would like to request cancellation post-acceptance, you should ask the seller directly via Etsy Conversations.

If a PO is cancelled after it's been accepted, Etsy will email a notice to both you and the seller.

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Non-delivered or not-as-described orders

If you're looking to return an order or get a refund, the first thing to do is contact the seller directly. Each seller has their own wholesale policies that should address issues like these.

A non-delivery occurs when a buyer places an order and submits payment, but does not receive the items ordered. A few examples of non-delivery:

  • An order was never sent.

  • An order was sent to an address that is not on the Etsy receipt.

  • There is no proof that the order was shipped to the delivery city/state and zip code.

An order is not-as-described if it's materially different from the seller’s listing description and photos. Here are a few examples of not-as-described cases:

  • The items in the order received are a different color, model, version, or size.

  • The items in the order have a different design or material.

  • The items in the order were advertised as authentic but are not authentic.

If your order is past due or not as described, please get in touch with the seller to find a resolution. If the seller is non-compliant, your next step is to report the issue to Etsy. Send the details of your communication efforts along with the PO number to

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