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Pattern: Marketing Guide

The Marketing tab of your Pattern dashboard allows you manage all of your promotional tools for your Pattern site.


Custom Email Address

Pinterest Verification Code

MailChimp Integration


This section allows you to create a customized promotional message or shop announcement at the top of your Pattern site. This is separate from the shop announcement in your Etsy shop.

1.) Click Set up an announcement banner.

2.) Write your promotional message or announcement in the text field. There is a 200 character limit.

3.) You also have the option to include a link in your announcement, like a recent blog post or a specific listing you'd like to share. In the Link banner to field, insert your URL and click Done. You can also leave this section blank if you prefer to skip over it.

To make changes to your announcement, click Edit. To remove your announcement completely, click Remove.

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Custom Email Address

A custom email address allows you to create a professional email address for your brand using the domain name you registered on Pattern. This means you can choose the name displayed before the @ symbol in the email address, like

Note: In order to use MailChimp from your Pattern site, we strongly recommend having a custom email address. If you don't, your emails to buyers may bounce or go to spam.

Pattern offers custom email addresses that forward to an existing email account that you own. When you receive messages sent to your custom email address, you'll reply and manage these messages from your existing email account.

Messages will arrive in your email inbox folder just like all other emails you receive at this address. We do not create a separate inbox for you to manage, and these emails are not forwarded to the Conversations feature on Etsy.

Custom Email Availability

This feature is only available to sellers who have registered a domain through Pattern. If you registered for a domain on a third-party site and connected it to Pattern, you’ll need to go through your domain provider to set up a custom email address.

If you have not registered a domain on Pattern and you're using the domain, you will not be able to create a custom email address. You can always set this up in the future if you choose to register for a domain through Pattern.

Setting up

1.) From the Marketing tab of your Pattern dashboard, click Create an email alias.

2.) Enter the custom email address you’d like to use. For example: or If you set up email campaigns from MailChimp, this is the email address people will see in the from line.

3.) Enter the email address that you’d like this email address to forward to. This must be an email account that you own and have access to.

4.) Click Done.

You can edit this address at any time from your Pattern dashboard. If you do change your custom email address, emails sent to the previous custom address will no longer forward to your account. They will also bounce back to the sender as undeliverable.

Note: Emails sent to your custom email address will successfully forward to the preferred email account that you own. However, any emails you reply to will be sent from the original email account instead of your custom email address.

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Pinterest Verification Code

Setting up your Pattern site with Pinterest for Business requires that you confirm your website by inserting a tracking code into your webpage. You can generate this code from your Pinterest settings:

1.) Sign in to your Pinterest account and go to your settings.

2.) Scroll down to the Profile section. Enter your Pattern site URL and then click Confirm website.

3.) Copy the entire tag that displays in the pop-up window.

4.) Go back to your Pattern settings and paste the code into the Pinterest Verification Code field.

5.) Click Publish.

Note: It may take Pinterest up to 48 hours to confirm your website and display your data in their analytics. If you continue to have trouble, please contact Pinterest directly.

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MailChimp Integration

This section allows you to connect your site to MailChimp, an email management service. Once you connect, you can send newsletters to anyone that has opted in to receive these emails.

To learn more about connecting your Pattern site to MailChimp, check out this Help article.

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