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The New Stats Tool

To view your Stats, go to Shop Manager > Stats.

What's new

A walkthrough of the features

Visit our glossary of Stats.

What's new

  • More accurate data, with bot and spam activity filtered out

  • A new metric—visits—which shows the number of people looking at your shop and items

  • Data updates every 3–5 hours in order to make Stats more accurate and show visits.

  • A world map on your Customers tab of where your customers are when they visit and order from you

  • Hourly stats—stats from today, yesterday, and if you set a custom range of two days—are in your own time zone. You can change your time zone at the bottom of Explore your data. All other time frames appear in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). These include:

    • Last 7 Days
    • Last 30 Days
    • This month
    • Last month
    • Last year
    • This year
    • Last 12 months
    • All time
    • Any custom date range you set that spans more than two days

Visits is a metric we've added to help you understand your business. A visit represents someone looking at your shop. Visits are an industry standard, so you may see this metric on other sites.

A visit could be a shopper looking at just one page in your shop, or multiple pages.

A view is counted any time your listing or shop page is loaded. While you can still see views, we encourage you to measure visits.

  • To see listing views, go to your Listings tab and click on a listing. In the Explore your data section, you can change the dropdown menus to compare Total Views.

Visits refresh every 3–5 hours. Refreshing at a slightly slower rate allows us to calculate visits and better filter out traffic from bots. So, you may see someone ordered from you or favorited you without seeing your visits immediately change. This doesn’t mean your stats are inaccurate, just that they haven’t updated yet. When viewing today in the Explore your data graph, the vertical dotted line shows the last update.

Note: We’ve improved the filter to cut down on bot traffic, but it’s still possible for some traffic from bots to get through.

Today is no longer counted when looking at a date range in shorter time frames. When looking at a period of time, like the Last 7 Days, we count the prior seven days. We don't include data from today.

Favorites are on each of the charts on your Listings tab. Just keep in mind favorites don’t usually correlate with sales.

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A walkthrough of the features

There is now a quick overview of your stats on your shop’s Dashboard. Here you can see visits, orders, and revenue for time frame of your choice.

We encourage looking at your stats over longer periods of time, as shorter time frames often don’t show meaningful trends.

Note that revenue on your Dashboard is rounded to the nearest dollar.

Go to Shop Manager > Stats to see much more data on each of the following pages.


With the Explore your data chart, you can use the dropdown menus to compare two of these metrics over time: Visits, Orders, Total Views, Listing Views, or Revenue.

We automatically set your time zone for looking at stats that break down by hour (Today, Yesterday, and when you set a custom time frame of two days), but you can change it by selecting Update time zone.

Next to Traffic sources, click an individual source to see more info. When you do, you'll see a breakdown of traffic information for that specific source, such as Visits over time and Most viewed listings. For example, if you’re looking at Etsy traffic, you might see Search, Etsy Home Page, or Another Shop’s Listing. If you’re looking at Social Media, you can see a how many visits you get from a specific social media site, like Instagram.

Search terms shows the words shoppers are typing into searches that lead them to your items. If you see that a particular word or phrase is bringing you a lot of views, make sure it's in all applicable tags and titles. You might notice that some tags on your listings never appear in your stats as keywords. These are tags that aren't bringing you views. In that case, try replacing them with other words or phrases.

Social Media gives a breakdown of social platforms driving traffic to your shop.

Websites shows the actual web addresses people are on when they click to get to you.

Pages viewed shows all the pages viewed within your Etsy shop and other sales channels.

Look for opportunities to increase traffic by maximizing strategies that are working for your shop and discarding strategies that aren't producing the results you want.

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Click Listings at the top of the Stats page. Here, you'll see the most and least visited listings, and a rank of all listings. At the top right, you can change what sales channel (All Shops, Etsy, Pattern, Wholesale, Etsy Studio) you want to see or the date range.

On the right of each listing, you view your item's favorites, visits, orders, and revenue. You can also filter All listings ranked to show All, Draft, Expired, Inactive, or Sold Out listings. Note that Etsy Studio and Pattern sites do not have favorites.

Click on a listing to see more detail about that listing:

Traffic sources shows where people clicked to get to your listing.

Search terms shows what words people entered in Etsy search that lead them to your item.

Social Media gives a breakdown of exactly which sites people found your item on.

Websites shows the exact websites where people discovered and clicked to see your listing.

Favorites gives the total of everyone adding your listing to their Favorites. To see everyone who’s favorited your listing, click the Favorited by number on the public listing page. Please note that we’ve found that favorites don’t necessarily correlate to sales.

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Click Customers at the top of the Stats page.

What else your customers have searched for gives you an idea of what else shoppers are interested in. This is calculated from the past month's searches by people who've found you in the past week. This updates weekly.

Where your customers are coming from shows a map of the locations of people who visited you and/or placed an order.

What devices your customers are using can help you think about your shop’s presentation for the various ways people view your shop.

Note: For privacy reasons, we won’t show search terms or locations if you have fewer than 30 visits.

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More resources in the Seller Handbook

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