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Using First Class for Packages Weighing up to 16 Ounces

As a result of our partnership with the USPS, we are able to offer First Class domestic postage for packages weighing up to 16 ounces.

The actual new weight limit for First Class is 15.999 ounces. It is not possible to enter fractional values in the weight field on the label purchase form. Therefore, to take advantage of the full weight range, you may apply the typical rule of rounding up to the nearest ounce and enter 16 oz. as the weight for a package that weighs between 15 and 15.999 ounces.

If your package actually weighs 16 ounces or over, it is not eligible for First Class postage.

If you enter 16 oz. as your weight, 15.9 oz. will appear on your shipping label.

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