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Managing Promoted Listings

You can manage Promoted Listings at any time if you go to Your Shop > Promote > Promoted Listings.

Check out this page to learn more about Promoted Listings. 

Turning Promoted Listings on and off

Use the cog icon at the top to turn your Promoted Listings on and off. When your Promoted Listings are turned off, you’ll see a message at the top noting that you are not promoting.

You can also manage individual listings:

  • To stop promoting a specific listing, click the green icon next to the listing title, making it gray.

  • To stop promoting multiple listings, select the desired listings and click Don't Promote above the management table.

Your Promoted Listings Stats

Use your Promoted Listings stats to help gauge the performance of your Promoted Listings. 

Being actively involved will improve your likelihood for success and help you keep tabs on what budget and individual bids are working for you. Use the date range at the top to view stats for specific dates.

The graph at the top of the Promoted Listings page tracks:

  • Impressions: The number of times your listings were shown as ads.

  • Clicks: The number of times your listings were visited as the result of a click on one of your ads.

  • Cost: The total amount you have spent promoting your items.

  • Revenue: The total amount you have earned from sales that resulted from a click on your ads. 

You can also view individual listing stats under Manage Promoted Listings. For each listing, the table provides you with the following details:

  • Listing: A description of your listing.

  • Impressions: The number of times this listing was shown as an ad.

  • Clicks: The number of times this listing was visited as the result of a click on your ad.

  • Average Cost per Click (Avg CPC): The average amount that you've been charged for a click on an ad for this listing. This number is calculated by dividing cost by clicks.

  • Cost: The total amount you've spent promoting this item.

  • Revenue: Revenue attributed to this item’s clicks.  

  • Bid: The maximum amount you are willing to pay for a click on this listing  

Click the link at the top of each column to sort listings by that value. 

Billing for Promoted Listings

In addition to the cost displayed in your Promoted Listings stats, your Etsy Bill will be updated daily for Promoted Listings charges so you can keep track of what you're spending on clicks.  

To view Promoted listings charges on your bill, go to Your Shop > Finances > Your Bill. On the left, you can choose to view activity for any of the last 5 months. Or, to view previous statements, click View All Statements.

Promoted Listings Revenue

On your Promoted Listings page, if you click View All Promoted Listings Revenue, you will be able to see which of your sales have been attributed to your Promoted Listings.  

There are two components that makes up your revenue from Promoted Listings:

  • Direct sales: If a shopper clicks on one of your ads and then buys that product within 30 days.

  • Indirect sales: If a shopper clicks on one of your ads and then buys other products from your shop within 24 hours.

Check out this page for more information about your Promoted Listings Revenue. 

Tips and Resources for Promoted Listings

  • Promoted Listings looks at your listing titles and tags to determine where your ads are eligible to appear. Check out this Seller Handbook article for tips to boost the impact of your titles and tags.

  • Read through this Seller Handbook article for product photography tips that will help entice buyers to click into your ads.  

  • While Automating your bids is designed to help you gain the most clicks based on your budget, in some instances you may choose to Customize your bids instead. You’ll find more information about fine-tuning your bids strategically under Promoted Listings in this Seller Handbook article.
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