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Managing Your Promoted Listings Campaign

You can manage Promoted Listings at any time by going to Shop Manager > Marketing > Promoted Listings and clicking Manage. From here, you can:

  • turn advertising on/off

  • adjust your daily budget

  • turn auto-promotion on/off

  • set maximum cost per click

To stop promoting a specific listing, scroll down to Ad stats and settings on your Promoted Listings page. Click the toggle icon next to the listing title, making it gray. To stop promoting multiple listings, select the desired listings and click Turn off above the management table.

You can promote these items at any time by clicking the toggle icons next to each listing. To promote multiple listings at once, click the checkboxes next to each item and click Turn on.

The status of your Promoted Listings

There are several different statuses a promoted listing can have. View each listing’s status by clicking the Filter field at the top of the management page:

  • On: You have set a bid for this listing and it is being promoted.

  • Off: You have stopped promoting this listing. It will not be promoted until you click to start promoting.

  • Active: The listing is active and eligible to be promoted.

  • Expired: This listing has expired and it won't be promoted unless you renew it.

  • Deleted: You've deleted the listing, and it's no longer being promoted.  

  • Sold Out: This listing is sold out and is not being promoted. 

  • Inactive: You've deactivated the listing, and it won't be promoted unless you reactivate it. 

Viewing your Promoted Listings bill

In addition to the cost displayed in your Promoted Listings stats, your Etsy bill will be updated daily for Promoted Listings charges so you can keep track of what you're spending on clicks.  

To view Promoted Listings charges on your bill, go to Shop Manager > Finances > Your bill. On the left, you can choose to view activity for any of the last 5 months. Or, to view previous statements, click View All Statements.

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