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Managing Your Promoted Listings Campaign

Once you set up Promoted Listings, you can customize different areas of your campaign to reflect your advertising strategy. In this article we'll talk about using tools in the ads dashboard, managing listing bids, and viewing ad costs.

Ads dashboard

Bidding options

Viewing Promoted Listings bill

Ads dashboard

You can manage Promoted Listings at any time by going to Shop Manager > Marketing > Promoted Listings and clicking Manage. From here, you can:

  • turn advertising on/off

  • adjust your daily budget

  • turn auto-promotion on/off

  • set maximum cost per click

To stop promoting a specific listing:

1.) Scroll down to Ad stats and settings on your Promoted Listings page

2.) Click the toggle icon next to the listing title, making it gray.

To stop promoting multiple listings, select the desired listings and click Turn off above the management table.

You can promote these items at any time by clicking the toggle icons next to each listing. To promote multiple listings at once, click the checkboxes next to each item and click Turn on.

Bidding options

A bid is the highest amount you’ll pay when a buyer clicks on one of your ads. You can choose to use automatic bidding, custom bidding, or a combination of the two for your items.

Custom bidding

With custom bidding, you manually set your own bid amounts for some or all of your promoted items. A higher bid can improve the placement of your ad, but you’ll pay more for each click.

You can also set an amount lower than the automated bid amount. These listings will still likely get impressions, but they’ll also appear lower in results. We’ll tell you if it’s too low of a bid to be competitive.

Automatic bidding

For automated bidding, Etsy’s algorithm chooses the best bid amount for that listing. Our system also looks at

  • the history of the listing,

  • the history of your shop, and

  • the overall quality of the listing.

Note: Automatic bids will vary by listing. They may also change over time to keep your listings competitive.

Setting bids

To manage your bidding preferences:

1.) Visit Shop Manager > Marketing > Promoted Listings.

2.) Scroll down to the Ad stats and settings section. Check the boxes next to the specific listings you want to manage.

3.) Choose Automate or Customize.

Setting a maximum cost-per-click

If your listings are enrolled in automatic bidding, you have the option to set a maximum cost-per-click (max CPC). If you have a max CPC in place, none of your automatic bids will exceed that amount.

Note: A max CPC does not apply to custom bids. Listings with custom bids higher than a max CPC may result in higher click costs for those particular items.

To set a maximum cost-per-click for automatic bids:

1.) Go to the Promoted Listings page and select Manage.

2.) Choose the toggle icon next to Set maximum cost per click (max CPC). Enter the maximum amount you're willing to spend to have your ad clicked on.

Keep in mind that a max CPC doesn't automatically increase all of your bids or affect your listings' existing placement. This setting just allows you to put a limit on how high your automated bids are as they adjust over time.

Viewing your Promoted Listings bill

In addition to the cost displayed in your Promoted Listings stats, your Etsy bill will be updated daily for Promoted Listings charges so you can keep track of what you're spending on clicks.

1.) To view Promoted Listings charges on your bill, go to Shop Manager > Finances > Your bill.

2.) On the left, view activity for any of the last 5 months. To view previous statements, click View All Statements.

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