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Getting Started with In-Person Payments

Please be sure to review the Sell on Etsy App & Reader Policy as well as Etsy's Prohibited Items Policy before selling in person.  

Overview of In-Person Payments

In-Person Payments is a built-in feature of the Sell on Etsy app that allows you sell from your inventory in person.

Currently, In-Person Payments is only supported for members with active shops in the US. You must also have Etsy Payments enabled in your shop.

There are a few ways to make a sale in the Sell on Etsy app:

  • Quick Sale allows you to create an on-the-spot listing by adding a title and price. Customers cannot leave reviews for Quick Sales. Adding a photo and sales tax are optional (see this Help article for more information on sales tax).

  • Sell From Listing allows you to sell items that are currently for sale in your Etsy shop. Tap the item you wish to sell and it will be added to your transaction. You can Sell from Listing even if your shop is in vacation mode. Listings must be active, non-digital listings.

  • You can also Sell From History, which allows you to quickly choose from items that were recently sold in person. This is a shortcut to your recently sold listings that list items by recency.

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Sell on Etsy card reader

The Sell on Etsy card reader allows you to swipe credit cards when selling in person. This is compatible with your iPhone, iPad (iOS 9.3 or later), or Android device (Android 4.1/Jelly Bean or later).

The Sell on Etsy card reader is free!  It's available to sellers in the US with an active shop. You must also have Etsy Payments enabled in your payment account.

Visit here to order a reader.

How to sell in person

First, make sure you have the latest version of the Sell on Etsy app installed on your iPhone or iPad (iOS 9 or higher) or Android device (Android 4.1/Jelly Bean or higher).

1.) Launch the Sell on Etsy app and go to Dashboard > Sell now.  

2.) You will be taken through a series of prompts. Accept the Terms of Use and enable location services.

3.) Choose your sale method by tapping Quick Sale, Sell From Listings, or Sell From History.

4.) Once in your Current Sale page, complete the sale or add another item.

5.) To include more items, tap Add Another Item

6.) When you are ready to accept a payment, tap Charge at the bottom of the Current Sale screen. From here you will be given the option to accept two forms of payment:

  • For cash payments, enter the amount that was tendered and tap Cash Received.

Having issues with the card reader? Check out this troubleshooting Help article

To browse your recently sold items, go to Orders, and tap the Completed Orders tab.

Note: A payment is not complete until you’ve passed the signature screen and have received notification that the payment was successful and are taken to the All Done screen.

You can issue a refund from the Sell on Etsy app for both in-person transactions and sales made from your Etsy shop on a non-mobile computer. To learn how to issue a refund, check out this Help article.

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Managing inventory when selling in person

Items sold in person are automatically included in your total number of sales for your Etsy shop.

  • If you choose to sell an existing listing from your Etsy shop, your shop inventory will update in real-time.

  • If you have multiple quantities of one listing, the quantities will be automatically updated to take into account your in-person sales. If there is only one of that item it will automatically be removed from your Etsy shop.

Note: Listings that have variations will not show up. We recommend doing a Quick Sale in this case.

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