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Taking Payments in the Sell on Etsy App

Using the Etsy card reader

Manually recording cash and card transactions

Issuing a receipt

Credit card security for in-person payments

Using the Etsy card reader

Note: The minimum credit card amount for transactions is $1.00 USD. Signatures are also required for all credit card transactions. This is to protect both you and the buyer.

First, make sure you're running the latest version of the Sell on Etsy app.

1.) Launch the app and go to Dashboard > Sell Now.

2.) Connect your Etsy card reader to your device’s audio jack. For iPhone and iPad users, a window will appear letting you know that the card reader is accessing the microphone on your device. No action is required from you.

3.) If you don’t have microphone access granted for the Sell on Etsy app you’ll be prompted to turn it on.

4.) Swipe the card in one swift motion. If the swipe is not registering, make sure the magnetic stripe on the card is in good condition.

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Manually recording cash and credit card transactions

To accept in-person payments without the Etsy card reader:

1.) Choose either an existing listing from your shop or create a Quick Sale on the spot by entering an item title and price and tap Continue.

2.) Add another item, or tap Charge.

3.) Choose cash or credit.

4.) You will see a final screen confirming that the transaction is complete, and asking the customer if they would like an email receipt.

4.) Once you reach the All Done screen, tap Done. This will return you to Sell in Person home screen to make a new sale.

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Issuing a receipt

Buyers will have the option to receive an email receipt for in-person sales. The receipt will also highlight your Etsy shop and your listings.

If your buyer is on Etsy, the receipt can be emailed to the address associated with their Etsy account. In addition, your buyer can see these transactions on their Purchases page in their account.

Receipts also show:

  • A record of the buyer's transaction

  • An option to contact you, the seller, directly by email or conversation

  • Links to your shop on Etsy

  • Your shop's branding

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Credit card security for in-person payments

Any payment information captured through the Sell on Etsy card reader is fully encrypted using industry standard security methods to process payments. Our platform is fully PCI Level 1 compliant. Learn more about credit card security on Etsy here.

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