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Getting Paid Using In-Person Payments

Sellers must have Etsy Payments enabled in their Payment settings to accept payments in person with the Sell on Etsy app. In-person payments are only available for US sellers at this time.

Once a credit card payment is accepted during an in-person transaction, the funds automatically post to your payment account.

Note: If you choose to get paid via cash for a transaction, this doesn't appear in your payment account.

To manage your shop's payment account, sign in to and visit Shop Manager > Finances > Payment account.

Here you'll see your orders made with Etsy Payments, the date of your next scheduled deposit, your past deposits, and your payment processing fees.

Etsy will process payments on your behalf and deposit the funds to your bank account.

In-person transactions follow the same deposit schedule as any Etsy Payments sale.

This article gives an overview of accepting payments in person.

Learn more about how to get paid via Etsy Payments.

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