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Help Articles for In-Person Payments

Getting Started with In-Person Payments

How to order a card reader and process payments in person.

Fees for In-Person Payments

All the details about fees and the types of payments you can process.

Managing Settings with In-Person Payments

Setting up sales tax, applying discounts, processing refunds and more.

Taking Payments in the Sell on Etsy App

How to take payments if you don’t have the card reader. Also: preview the new buyer receipt.

Getting Paid Using In-Person Payments

Details on how we’ll deposit these funds and how Etsy Payments works with in-person payments.

Help and Troubleshooting with In-Person Payments

What to do if your reader’s acting up or you need a new one.

Please be sure to review the Sell on Etsy App & Reader Policy as well as Etsy's Prohibited Items Policy.

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