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Providing Your Full Name for Direct Checkout Deposits

Etsy is asking sellers outside the US who accept Direct Checkout to provide their full name, if they don’t already have a first and last name on file.

If this applies to you, please add your full name before December 28, 2016. If you do not provide the required information by that date, your payments may not be able to be processed, and in some circumstances, your seller account(s) may be paused or suspended.

This link will take you to where you can enter your full name.

We ask that you enter your full name along with your Direct Checkout bank information for confirmation.

The full name you enter must match your shop’s bank account information, but this can be different from your seller or shop manager’s name.

If you have any issues entering your full name, or if you do not have a last name, please contact for further guidance. Make sure “LAST NAME VERIFICATION REQUIRED” is in the subject line so we can get right to your email.

Note: We will be asking US sellers to provide their full name in the future.


Full name example: “Anna Smith”
Not recommended: “A. Smith”

If the bank account name is a business instead of a person, enter the full business name along with a business entity. Some common business entities: Ltd., AB, LP

Full business name example: “Klimpys LP”
Not recommended: “KlimpysLP”

If the business name is only one word and you are a sole proprietor, the account name should be the owner's full name "d/b/a/" business name.

Full business name example: “John Smith d/b/a Klimpys”
Not allowed: "Klimpys"
Not recommended: "John Smith"

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