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The Listings Section of Shop Manager

Adding and editing a listing

Listing photos

Managing your listings

Sharing a listing

Featured items


Adding and editing a listing

How to list an item

Go to Shop Manager > Listings and click Add a listing near the top right.

Enter your listing's info and click Save as draft or Publish at the bottom right.

How to renew, deactivate, and delete listings

You can renew, deactivate, or delete individual listings by clicking the gear menu and selecting the desired action. If you’d like to renew, deactivate, or delete multiple items at once, select these items and click the button at the top of the page.

Bulk edit options

You can make bulk edits to your shipping profiles, shop sections, and any production partners you work with. Learn about production partners and disclosing them on your listings.

You can also manage your listing renewal setting. To do this, select all of the items you’d like to edit and click More Actions at the top of the page.

Note: If you have variations enabled for any renewed listings, the option to edit quantity won’t be available in the bulk edit overlay. The quantity of the listing will be the same number that was available when the listing expired.

Quick edit tool

The Quick edit button allows you to make sweeping edits the following:

  • Titles
  • Tags
  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Shipping profile
  • Shop sections

If you’re editing the same section—such as quantity on multiple listings—you can continuously hit Enter to move down the page. Note that filtering and sorting should be done before you open the Quick edit tool.

If you're only editing stock or price, you can skip Quick edit and use the in-line editor. To do this, hover over quantity or price and click the pencil icon. Your changes will save once you click out of the field or hit Enter.

Note: The Quick edit tool will not be available for listings that have price or quantity set at the variation level. To make these changes, exit Quick edit mode and then click on the individual listing.

Using the quick add attributes tool

The quick add attributes tool lets you update these aspects for each item in your shop:

  • Categories
  • Subcategories
  • Relevant attributes

Learn more about the quick add tool here.

The gear menu

The gear menu is an icon that appears next to the featured star at the bottom of an active listing thumbnail. This menu contains many actions for your listings, including: Edit, Copy, Deactivate, Renew, Change Section, Delete, and View on Etsy.

Viewing a public listing

Click View on Etsy from the gear menu.

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Listing photos

Cropping photos

Access the crop tool by clicking the pencil icon. The full size photo refers to the photos that buyers see when they’re viewing your public listing page. You'll see various photo size options to choose from. If you prefer, you can drag the corners of the grid to choose a custom crop area.

Editing your thumbnail photo

Your thumbnail photo is the photo that buyers see in your shop home, in Search results, and in various other places on Etsy.

To adjust this image to your liking, click Adjust Thumbnail below your primary photo while creating or editing a listing. You have the option to magnify the image and manipulate its position within the square.

Note that cropping and adjusting your thumbnail are different tools but they will both affect the way your primary photo is displayed during the listing process. It’s a good idea to crop your image first if you need to, and then adjust your thumbnail.

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Managing your listings

Sorting listings

Active, Expired, and Inactive listings can be sorted in ascending or descending order of title, stock, price, and expiration date.

Draft listings can be sorted in ascending or descending order of title, stock, price, and Update date.

Sold out listings can be sorted in ascending or descending order of title, stock, price, and sold out date.

How to use filters

You have the option to filter by Listing Status (Active, Expired, Draft, Inactive, Sold out), Section, Featured only, Shipping Profiles, and Tags. You’ll find the option to filter by Shipping Profiles and Tags under More Filters in the toolbar.

You can use multiple filters at once to narrow down your listings. You also have the option to type a keyword related to your listing in the search toolbar. If you type in a search word, items that contain this specific word in either their title or tags will display.

In-line item stats

At the top of the Listings section of Shop Manager, you’ll see a Stats button, which allows you to see all of your individual item stats at a glance. Click this to see your listing views and favorites for the last 30 days, as well as your all-time sales, renewals, and revenue. Note that you cannot sort by stats.

Changing view settings

You can opt to have your listings displayed in Gallery view or List view. Gallery view presents listings with larger images in a tile format. List view presents your listings by row with smaller images.

To switch to Gallery view, click the icon with four tiles at the top of the page next to View. Click the four-lined icon to see your items in List view.

Note: Items will be displayed in the horizontal list view when using Quick Edit.

Viewing items without sections or shipping profiles

To see if you have any listings that are not in a section, go to the Sections dropdown and select No section.

To check if any of your listings do not have a shipping profile attached, go to the Shipping Profiles dropdown in the toolbar and select No shipping profile.

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Sharing a listing

Sharing the live listing URL to your shop

Go to the gear menu and right click the View on Etsy link. Copy and paste the listing URL from your browser's address bar.

Sharing listings on social media

When you publish a new listing, you’ll see a message letting you know that the listing is active. You’ll have the ability to share your listing on Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook by clicking the Share button in the success message on the right.

Note that you will not see this message when renewing listings or publishing deactivated items. This will only appear for new listings.

For older listings, click the gear and then Share.

An overlay will pop up where you can click the social sharing button of your choice.

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Featured items

How to feature items

Featuring items are displayed at the top of your public shop in the Featured row. Feature and unfeature items by clicking the star.

You can also filter by featured items by ticking the Featured Listings box in the sidebar. Note that these will not appear in the order that you’ve arranged them as displayed on your shop homepage.

Rearrange featured items

Click Manage next to Featured listings.

You’ll see an overlay that includes items that you’ve chosen to feature.

The first four will be featured in your shop, and if one of those sells out, one of the items below in the list will move up to take its place.

Rearrange the order of your featured items by clicking and, once an item is highlighted, dragging it into position.

Note: Clicking the thumbnail or item title will take you to edit your listing.

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