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Item or Order Questions? Contact a Shop

Each seller on Etsy manages their own inventory and orders. If you have questions about an item you’re interested in or about a recent purchase, you’ll need to contact the seller directly for help.

Sellers can answer questions about:

  • Item details

  • Shipping information

  • Return and exchange policies

  • Order issues—if you have not received your order or if it's different than it was described on Etsy

In most cases, you'll contact the seller using Conversations. This Etsy's on-site messaging system.

Check out the table below for steps on how to contact a shop:

Situation Steps to contact seller
Haven't yet placed order 1.) Sign in to your Etsy account.

2.) Select Ask a question on any listing page.

If you're on the shop's homepage, click Contact at the top of the page.
Placed order with Etsy account 1.) Go to You > Purchases and reviews.

2.) Click Contact The Shop to the right of the order.

You can also email the shop by clicking View Receipt under the contact button.
Placed an order as a guest Reply directly to the order confirmation email in your inbox from

Issues with an order

If you have trouble—your purchase wasn't received or isn’t as described—you might consider filing a case. Read about Etsy's case system.

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