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Item or Order Questions? Contact a Shop

For questions about an order you placed, go here and click Contact The Shop.

Have a question about an item or an order you placed? You'll need to contact the seller directly for help.

Haven’t ordered yet?

Sign in to an Etsy account. Go to Register at the top right of the site if you don’t have one yet.

Select Ask a question on any item listing.

Select Contact at the top right of the shop’s homepage or Contact shop owner on the left.

This will send the seller a message through Conversations, Etsy’s on-site messaging tool.

Ordered already?

You can do the above or:

  • Go to You > Purchases and reviews

  • Find Contact The Shop to the right of the order and click it to start a Conversation with the seller

You can also email the seller directly.

For the seller’s email address, go to:

If you placed an order without an Etsy account, just reply to the receipt email. Look for an email from Note that this will not work if you did use an Etsy account.

Issues with an order

If you have troublethe order hasn’t arrived or isn’t as described—you might consider filing a case. Read about Etsy's case system.

The seller can answer questions like:

  • Item details (Can I get this in red? How should I wash this scarf?)

  • Shipping (Can you send my order to New Zealand? Can it be shipped faster? What is the tracking number?)

  • Return and exchange policies (Can I return this if it doesn’t fit?)

  • Issues (I ordered this in red, but it came purple! I haven’t received my item yet!)

Only sellers can answer these types of questions, not Etsy Support.

When you purchase on Etsy, you're buying from a unique shop—not Etsy itself. Etsy does not stock or ship what’s for sale on Etsy.

Etsy is a platform that helps shops sell their own items and supports small business owners.

Learn more about Etsy.

Learn more about Etsy Conversations here and be sure to check out Etsy's policies on Conversations.

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