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Item or Order Questions? Contact a Shop

Each seller on Etsy manages their own inventory and orders. If you have questions about an item you’re interested in or about a recent purchase, you’ll need to contact the seller directly for help.

Sellers can answer questions about:

  • Item details

  • Shipping information

  • Return and exchange policies

  • Order issues—if you have not received your order or if it's different than it was described on Etsy

In most cases, you'll contact the seller using Conversations. This Etsy's on-site messaging system.

Check out the table below for steps on how to contact a shop:

Situation Steps to contact seller
Haven't yet placed order 1.) Sign in to your Etsy account.

2.) Select Ask a question on any listing page.

If you're on the shop's homepage, click Contact at the top of the page.
Placed order with Etsy account 1.) Go to You > Purchases and reviews.

2.) Click Contact The Shop to the right of the order.

You can also email the shop by clicking View Receipt under the contact button.
● Scroll to the bottom of the receipt page to see the seller's address.
Placed an order as a guest Reply directly to the order confirmation email in your inbox from

Issues with an order

If you have trouble—your purchase wasn't received or isn’t as described—you might consider filing a case. Read about Etsy's case system.

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